you guys are in for A TREAT

circa 1994? 5? Not sure on the year... but check out the good ole class picture - one of the few days we were out of uniform. OLGC (our lady of good counsel) - it's no longer in existence. that is sad. BUT i'm down front on the right - in the HIGH WAISTED, TIGHT ROLLED, very light colored (i refuse to say acid washed on my blog) jeans with the classy RIBBED turtleneck BODYSUIT (oh yea it snapped on) and my white socks and indoor (LOTTO) soccer shoes. and you wonder why they voted me to play mary in the living stations of the cross? i mean JUST LOOK AT ME.


kristen said...

nice pose....you thought you were so cool. love it!

Kristy said...

You are looking mighty fine! Megan looks so young!

Stacia said...

Oh my I remember the tight rolled jeans days..lol

Leah Billings said...

I love that you're posing.

At least your jeans aren't as high as the boy in the middle of the front row with the glasses on. :)

katandkarl said...

oh and i had a scrunchie around my leg. as an anklet. yep.

brooke knight said...

i noticed that anklet, pretty badass there. just say these three words to yourself right quick: ribbed turtleneck bodysuit. sure to bring a laugh to anyone's day.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You have some serious nerve to post a picture of yourself from 1994! I like to pretend those pictures of me don't exist!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha....awesome resurrection of the good ole class of '95. don't be super jealous of my crochet vest and high waisted jeans now. thanks for the compliment kristy!

Chandle said...

I love the look. You made my day.

care said...

pity you aren't rocking the eighties bangs like that girl in the second tow.

and "ribbed turtleneck bodysuit?" I will be giggling all day.

Leslie Robus said...

i hate to admit it but I wore the ribbed turtleneck bodysuits as well. why did anyone ever invent those things!! Great pic...

Sarah said...

i think you stole my jeans.

Jax said...

I like how everyone is short.. not just Kat! LOL! Teasing..you look HAUTE, bodysuit and all.. My favorite is that you likely took lots of time to select this perfect outfit.. LOVE IT

Anonymous said...

the fellow on the end of the first row is quite handsome...is he available these days? love the bowl cut he is sporting. you are pretty haute too. xoxo

Elizabeth Spann said...

That just completely made my day. Thank you for providing that little bit of comedy. Ohhhh yeah.
PS, Leah wore bodysuits. Kristen too.

Susan said...

What's HI-larious is the dude 2 over from your right. Is he real or doing an Urkle impersonation? I bet you had a crush on the boy to your left, huh? Am I right? Thought so!

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