i hate socks

it's true. and it is almost time to wear them, like, everyday.

i hate them all equally. wool socks, socks with seperate toes, tube socks, dress socks, NYLONS, the red sox (errr.. whatever), footie socks, argyle socks, smelly husband socks, pom-pom socks, novelty socks (dirty), cuffed socks, scrunched up socks, socks with characters on them, socks with lace on them, knee socks, crew socks, ankle socks, trouser socks, booties... all of em!

the only socks i like are my workout socks. PERFORMANCE socks. (that have a purpose) (that barely peek out of my tennie-rubbers) (and that keep me from blisters) (kinda).

one time (high school!) i didn't wear socks to a football game at the Transworld Dome (Edward Jones Dome?) in January and had to walk eight blocks (it was snowing; shoes not waterproof) and my feet almost fell off (mom and i were literally climbed up in the sink and running my bare feet under water in the STL Rams stadium bathroom). it hurt. i cried. i have many other similar experiences. my husband during the winter time will often find me in agony on the edge of the bathtub with hot water running over ice cube toes. or trying to sneak my freezing feet under his warm legs as we watch tv on the couch. (we (i) call these 'feet warmies' and karl LOVES them.)

oh. and. also. i choked on a hairball *my own* at 4 am this morning and almost died. literally i swallowed some hair and it was all up in my throat until i vomited. GROSS.

life is rough in the big city. maybe someday it will stop raining!


Lauryl Lane said...

oh kat, you crack me up. i too hate socks. they are the devil. in fact i need to throw out the mary janes i'm wearing right now, because they are just getting too stinky since i never wear socks. i particularly hate smelly husband socks too. and sammy has finally gotten used to me putting my cold feet on his warm legs at night. it's part of our cuddle routine before we each roll over to our sides of the bed to SLEEP. ;)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I just wear heels to avoid socks. I, too, hate socks. I can wear them to sleep in, but hate to WEAR them daily. Ugh. IT will be snowing and I'll have on heels just to aviod the socks. I also hate tennis shoes. That's a whole other issue though.

melissa said...

a) you are a freakshow.
b) you are going to have to toughen up a little, i think.
c) foot warmies? WOW.
d) i see how you tried to sneak the red sox into the list of socks you do not like, and i am sad to inform you that we are no longer friends.

katandkarl said...

sleeping in socks = mortal sin

Kristy said...

I remember a time when you hated socks but did like the ones with seperate toes. Did they do you wrong?
I completely support the dislike of the Red Sox. Tragedy. If they win, BIG tragedy. Yucky Boston.

Anonymous said...

Love socks! Cozy, warm ones especially. Can't believe you guys don't like them. I, like Jackie, don't like tennis shoes either though.

How did you choke on your hair? That's scary!

melissa said...

I HATE SOCKS TOO! And I was about to comment on the fact that I CANNOT sleep if I am wearing socks...then I saw your sleepy comment! If I could wear some form of sandals all year long I would be in heaven. Sandals = dry feet...that's the only downfall.

I'm going to leave the hair comment alone...that's kinda strange :)

Susan said...

Tennie Rubbers....did you get that from me? I like socks. Think of them as cozy fleeces for your feet. Isn't that better? P.S. I can't sleep in them though.

Anonymous said...

I get really dry feet and that makes me hate socks (and flannel sheets). yuck! The only way I will wear socks is if I completely cover them in lotion first! I'm with Jackie on wearing heels to not have to wear socks; however I have to add my hooker boots and my ugg boots to the list...uggs are so cozy inside without socks!!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Seriously? No one's going to really talk about that hairball line?? It made me gag and I forgot everything else you said before that, as witty as it may have been! Hairball? Eeew, Kat, eew.
Love you still.

Jennifer said...

All I can say is I love the Red Sox and they kicked butt and I am ready for them to win!!!!!

P.S. if you wake me up in the middle of the night in Mexico weezing out a hairball you will get kicked out.

kristen said...

um that was so gross! i love my night-time socks. warm and cozy. you people are crazy.

jennifer said...

well i'm glad karl likes feet warmies, seeing as a majority of our fighting growing up was over the fact that i hate giving feet warmies and you tried to sneak them in. you can't steal my body warmth! selfish. come to think of it, that is still a majority of the fight town now..

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