thanksgiving makes me happy

How to make a turkey:
1. you get a gun
2. you shoot a turkey
3. you pull out the feathers
4. and put it in the microwave for four hours

(excerpts from an old class of my aunt jayne - recipes by 5 years olds).

Kat's Mashed Potatoes - exact science
1. get you some big brown potatoes (no red; too wet)
2. peel them
3. cube them
4. boil them (a lot till they are mushy; maybe 40-45 for a big batch)
(THESE THINGS DON't TAKE THAT LONG and you can actually make homemade mash more than once a year at thanksgiving)
5. drain them
6. put a lot of butter(real and salted), salt, and milk (2% or above preferably)
7. use a machine or mixer to whip the crap out of them. (periodically checking for more salt, butter, or milk)
8. when there are no more lumps and they are smooth and fluffy and you just know they are finished, you are ready to eat (though in my case, i have been taste testing the whole time).
9. serve (with or without gravy)
10. eat (at least one helping!)

karl and i got in a potato product arguement (it was very exciting). i just don't think thanksgiving is for any other potatoes other than mashed and sweet potato casserole. he says cheesy potatoes or other potato-ey casseroles are ok. (they are so not okay). what kind of taters do you have on turkey day?!


Lauryl Lane said...

i'm siding with you, kat. deliciously fluffy and laden with butter and cream mashed potatoes and we have a sweet potato casserole that's made from layers of sweet potato mixed with cinnamon and spice and all things nice and layers of marshmallows. the marshies melt all over inside the hot yams and equal YUMMINESS!!! god i love thanksgiving!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

MASHED ONLY! pretty much the same recipe as your EXCEPT i use a ricer instead of a mixer. less starchy and more fluffy and no renegade lumps!!

happy turkey day kat!

Kristy said...

Mmmmmmm.... mashed potatoes. My family is about regular mashed potatoes. No sweet potatos for us (my grandmother did not like them, so they were not allowed).

Elizabeth Spann said...

I'm gonna have to go with Karl on this one.... Cheese trumps all. ;)

This year we're doing regular potatoes at my folks', so I'm making cheesy potatoes for Jeremy's. Hee hee.

That being said, all things potato are A-OK with me.

Jennifer said...

I agree...only mashed and sweet potatoe casseroloe. I think other forms of potatoes should be saved for another day. The next thing you know you'll be having french fries and baked potatoes and hashbrowns and all kinds of other weird stuff at Thanksgiving. I say we put a stop to the madness right now. Everyone call their senator. Love you

kristen said...

i don't really have a preference. we have cheesy potato casserole at my dad's for lunch and i make mashed for mine for dinner. i don't make sweet potatoes because i am the only one that eats them and that would be bad.

Anonymous said...

Potatoes. All good. As long as they're not the fake kind that stained the Chi O sidewalk or lawn or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Kat and Carl,
There are only one kind of Potates, and they are french fried.
Please put a dish out for me and have a good turkey day.

Megan said...

We always have sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, but now that I'm married, my husband wants mashed potatoes with cheese in them-foreign! I of course made them with love and we're taking the cheesy potatoes to my aunt's tomorrow. What's up with these men?!?!

brooke knight said...

i love all potatoes equally- at holidays or anytime, i will eat them all- but i like my mashed potatoes best with some skin, some pepper, and a lot of garlic!

Susan said...

I am honored enough to have had said "Kat-mashed potatoes." They were delicious. I heart brown gravy too!

P.S. I eat anything that doesn't eat me first!

Anonymous said...

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