we saw snow flurries!

just got back from the holiday in stl. the drive back was LONG and MISERABLE. it was raining when we left st. louis and it raining all the way to little rock and it is still raining now! we left early to make sure we could get the dogs on time but weather and accidents delayed us - many thanks to eric for getting the doggies from the hotel. now we are cuddled up with some pizza and the amazing race. i have turkey day pictures - but they are still on my camera and i am too lazy to get them right now. i CAN say the food was DELICIOUS. i ate like a champ! food and family makes a delicious holiday. more to come.


Lauryl Lane said...

sorry about the miserable drive and all... but can't wait to see pix! ;)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

so glad you had a wonderful time and made it home safely!!!!

but the snow? i say BRING IT!!


Elizabeth Spann said...

MAN, I want snow. ;)
Glad you returned home safely!! Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah (a Parent Trap shout-out for ya on a Monday)!

Kristy said...

Did you really talk about food and ignore our pig fest on Friday. Aside from a Thanksgiving dinner, I do not know if I have ever eaten that much!