the great christmas carol debate

so the great debate of chicken dance vs. duck dance (DUCK!) and bbq pit vs grill (BBQ PIT!) and kitty corner versus katty corner (KITTY!) and binki vs paci (BINKI!) and oh so many more rages on.... karl and i discovered one more this christmas... we were on our way back from church with our nephew fisher and were listing to rudolph the red nosed reindeer... and we are singing all the silly parts... rudulolph the red nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose... glows LIKE A LIGHT BULB... they wouldn't let poor rudolph play any reindeer games LIKE MONOPOLPY and so on and so forth and we get the part where they say... YOU'll GO DOWN IN HISTORY... LIKE ____________. You fill in the blank here. Remember the price of our friendship is on the line here if you get it wrong.


Anonymous said...


Jax said...

Like Columbus! But.. I've also heard like George Washington... I prefer Columbus. Dont hate me, lover. haha!

melissa said...

George Washington!

Susan said...


mr. mups said...

George Washington, obviously

Angela said...

Like Columbus!! lol Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jackie's statment in full!!!!

melissa said...

it's columbus, you damn yankee. i love that all these things are different regionally. and i love that you and karl are all "green acres" about it. love you. call me soon for din din. : )
p.s. it's katty corner, freakshow. xoxo

megan said...

it's columbus. no question about it.

care said...

I'm a rider on the "columbus" train.

do you say "thumb war" or "pinochle?"

Anonymous said...

Like "George Washington". I have 4 grown children, taught pre-school for 12 years, continued to work in middle school for the past 8 years (still do) and I never heard any other name except for "George Washington"
Love, Aunt Jayne

Anonymous said...

It's definitely George Washington. And katty corner.

Lauryl Lane said...

george washington WHAT? it's columbus. always has been. never even heard of anything else. really, what the freak is this talk of washington? it doesn't even rhyme properly! the syllables are off! RETARDED!

kristen said...


Sarah said...

oh columbus indeed!

brooke knight said...

like Columbus!

ps- oh no on the blackberry!!!!!!
paul would straight up DIE without his PRECIOUSSSSSSSS, Blackjack!

Megan said...

Never heard anything except COLUMBUS.

I've learned to check pockets before I wash clothes because of similar experiences, good part is I get to keep the $ I find!!

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