rudolph ain't got nothin on me

hey guys! i am trying to be cheerful today when all i really want to do is nap so i busted out my rudolph light-up nose that i won from the family christmas snatch at turkey time! (it is cold and raining and the perfect hibernation weather!!)

here are some things i am looking forward to:
  • having the week between christmas and new years off (company policy baby!)
  • not traveling for christmas
  • spending christmas with karl's parents and kim and sean and the boys (we haven't had christmas in LR in awhile!)
  • leah and blue's annual christmas party this saturday (i am going to make stuffed mushrooms again. both veggie-tarian style (read: MORE cream cheese!) and meat lover style (read: MORE cream cheese sprinkled with bacon!)
  • wearing a tacky christmas sweater to the party AND possibly to work next week sometime (who is with me?!)
  • smelling our real live xmas tree (yea it is half decorated. the lights are on. it smells delish. MOST of the ornaments are on. it has no star. it is shedding minimal needles. yum yum yum.)
  • the sheer number of time i use parenthesis in a post (what? i like them!)
  • ANTM finale is tonight and, despite this cycle being incredibly lame (sauce), i still have a shot at winning our fantasy league.

things i am cranky about:
  • bobby petrino leaves the atlanta falcons (mid-season!) to join the arkansas razorbacks as head coach. it is not so much that i am CRANKY about that specifically i am just TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT! (bringing it up helps, right?!)
  • counting down the days until 12/21 (last day before the holiday!) is driving me nutso. yep, nutso. can it please be that day please?
  • all my friends in tulsa who have no power and will "hopefully get it back before christmas "... yikes. please don't start fires in your homes. that is very risky.
  • the rain, rain. i like the rain. maybe this should go on the happy list.
ok i am going to figure out what my husband is feeding me for dinner. goodnight ya'll. ;)


Angela said...

loving the nose & stuffed mushrooms sound goooood.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

first of all? i knew you were a closet rudolph!

love your list's! both of them! enjoy your holiday's cat, be well and hope to see more of you in the new year!


melissa said...

I don't know what the weather is like there but it's like 75 here which makes it hard to get into the Christmas spirit! I give you much credit for trying so hard...perhaps I should too. Love the nose.

kristen said...

i was happy how antm ended. what about you? you are right though, just not that great of a season. tyra is ridiculous by the way. since when is she in the final run way show?
oh yeah i'm glad you are trying to get into the christmas spirit this year! christmas is for cool people.

Elizabeth Spann said...

I haven't watched ANTM yet! DON'T tell me!!!!
You did a REAL good job on the cheer, Miss Kat. I'm proud. ;)

melissa said...

a) you're a pretty hot reindeer
b) dec 21st will be here before you know it, sugar
c) f*ck tyra and f*ck that show. you know i won't give it up, but boy am i pissed.

Jax said...

You look cute, lovely! Make sme some food too!! haha! Go look at the pics I posted on my blog of the storm we got... NUTSO! I almost bought one of those miner's headlamps.. That would have been AWESOME. TTYL!

Leah Billings said...

Mmmm. Stuffed mushrooms. Your's are the best. A+ for the christmas effort you mentioned. Maybe you're starting to like this time of year after all??
Also, I agree on ANTM...total snooze. Very disappointing and blah.

Lauryl Lane said...

love your nose, rudolph! and yeah, what the hell is going on in tulsa? my mum hasn't had power in five days!!!