things about me: 2007

when i was younger (oh so much younger than today), here are some career choices i did and did not want to make:

think grade school:

things i did not want to be when i growed up:
1. an astronaut
2. a vet
3. a race car driver
4. a dancer (not the dirty kind) (i knew i wasn't graceful even then. we have some video of me at age 4 telling everyone i wanted to be a ballerina and then performing the most horrid, spastic dance you have ever seen. ever. not meant for me. ever.)
5. a cop

things i did want to be when i growed up: (keep in mind these are childhood thoughts)
1. the first woman to play major league baseball (think there is still a chance?)
2. a fashion designer (i drew many outfits)
3. a daycare owner (see? i liked kids when i was 10. now? i still like kids but owning a daycare? i think no. for me.)
4. an author (oh the stories i wrote... in them someone always died or lost a limb.)
5. an artist of some sort (this one lasted till maybe early high school when i lost interest.)
6. a hockey player (this was a brief desire b/c i can't really ice skate very well. well, and i hate being cold.)

things i wanted to be in college:
1. um. i had no idea.

i was always jealous of those people who "knew" where their careers would take them - especially doctors, nurses (no way i could stomach being a nurse or doc), lawyers... you know, the "dream i'm-gonna-be-a-doctor-when-i-grow-up careers" that people just know they want to pursue. and do. and are successful at it.

and now? well, now I work in Advertising for a successful publication company. And I like it. It's fun and my company is great (remember that mandatory week of at christmas? it's paid. oh yea.). I may not do this exact JOB forever, but I'm good at it and my company appreciates me.

Still figuring it out, right? I'm not all growed up yet. I have plenty o time. :)


kristen said...

i am proof that you can always change your path whenever you want. you will be great at whatever you decide to do. i always wanted to be a teacher until i found out how much they got paid.

melissa said...

aren't you cute? i love this post. i feel the same way every. single. day. but until i graduate college, i figure i'm still basically a teenager. : )

Elizabeth Spann said...

Ha ha I'm still working on figuring this one out...! :D

Lauryl Lane said...

i hope i never grow up, b/c i'm having way too much fun juggling several careers. don't think i could ever choose between them. some of us just weren't born with the thing that tells us what we're supposed to do with our lives. y'know?

Sarah said...

i'm not growed up yet eiteher, but know that i've finally figured out what i'm supposed to be doing with myself!

Anonymous said...

I was always jealous of those people who knew what they wanted to do too. I'm 27 and I finally figured it out just within the past year. I thought I was abnormal, but now realize that is SO normal.

Susan said...

Stay-at-home-Mom...not what I had in mind as a child, but have I mentioned lately that I LOVE IT!? Actually, very early on, I had it in my mind to find a very rich man and not really have to work. Lazy? No, just smart I think...and honest. I would just be a professional student. Get a degree in everything. I liked school, just not the real-world application of it. However, love knows no dollar amount. However, Seth just opened his own company, so there's hope yet.