arlo is watching the dog whisperer.

shhh. he is learning how to be nice to other dogs and share with his sister. oh cesar milan. you even get my doggies to watch television. arlo also wants to show you his hitler mooo-stache and his little old man beard.

i have been hitting the gym this week! oh january in the gym. i recognize NO ONE. my class tonight was packed with people i have never seen before. i give them till mid-march. maybe.

the belly is getting bigger. but no 'stranger comments' yet. 14 weeks, 4 days.


melissa said...

What kind of class are you in?

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i loved YOGA for my pregnancies! please post "bump photos" alot! i'm so very happy for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

We tell Daisy about her hitler stache all time!! I think she should bleach it. :)

melissa said...

arlo looks so cute in that picture. where was roxy? sexin' it up in the yard? : )

Jax said...

I would like a weekly photo of the belly.. Thank you for catering to me. lol! Kidding, lovely. But, I'm super excited for you and I cant WAIT until you are in some sort of maternity class/store/etc and you run into some high maintenance mommy to be and you tell her to chill te eff out. I can see it happening.

Also, I'll be in the rock Feb 9th and 10th and will be shackin with the Wallaces. :) I have a work conference on that Monday so I thought what better weekend!! :)

Marcus and Camber said...

Our dogs love the Dog Whisperer too. Sadly, they don't always learn how to be good doggies.

Congrats on the baby! That is sooo exciting :)


Megan said...

Charlie and I love The Dog Whisperer, and so does Maggie. His little "ssisst" sound.

Susan said...

Dog whisperer? Huh? What channel is this on? I need to set Ches in front of the tv! I didn't notice the stache til you pointed it out. Hilarious! Ru has a grey beard too; I tell her it's ok, she's aging gracefully.

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