why do the weekends seem so fast sometimes

i am happy to say that karl and i had a very productive weekend. i took the christmas shite down all by myself - gleefully, i might add, as i was not sad AT ALL to see that stuff go packin to the attic. though i don't understand my husband's lights-on-tree method. those strands were deep and tangled in that dang tree. ah, well, what do i know about tree lights? NOTHING! (well, now, how to rip them off!)

one of our constant resolutions (new years and all year!) is to de-clutter. so i did a little of that. AND we finally picked a paint color and started painting the freaking living room. this is something that we have intended to do since we moved in (almost three years ago). with the whole we might relocate (have to sell our house!) question floating around in our heads, we have been really trying to get to those types of things. IT IS A GREAT COLOR. i am in love. (we had to go back for a second color. the first was a little pastel. we are NOT pastel people.) i will now be a little more sad if we wind up moving; it is a happy, calm living room. and i love it. the picture doesn't do it proper justice. i will post another when it is all restored to order. it is a rich kinda greeney browney beatifulness... you can see the strip of the REJECTED color by the closet door. that is as much as we got on the wall before looking at each other with wrinkled ICK noses and heading back to the paint store. (and i didn't even cry! this was a nice change for karl.)

big UPs to chandle and david. there are some hot wedding pics from their big day in las vegas' red rock canyon. congrats to them both!! don't they look great!?

let's see. onofre - this is the baby's name-in-womb by the way... named after one of our friends from our mexico trip whose sex was questionable (think pat from SNL). our dear friend jenny can't say onofre; she says ononofre. spanish isn't her strong suit but it makes for funny fetus naming. either one works for me. sometimes we just say ono. ANYWAY onofre is the size of a large lemon. so far he has been sized as such (in increasing order): poppyseed, appleseeds, sweet pea, blueberry, rasberry, green olive, prune, lime, plum, and peach. what a yummy baby. according to the baby bibles, yum yum weighs about 1.5 ounces and is about 4 inches. there are probably teeth (creepy and in the gums obviously) and hair and eyebrows (start of). aparantly there is lots of stretching, yawning, hiccupping, and all around baby acrobatics going on 'in there' but i can't feel a darn thing except the lovely migranes! i also have a daily preggo book - yea they make a daily one that gives you THE EXACT DAY (haha. right.) stuff happens such as the baby's spleen maturation and when your dilated breast veins will EXACTLY appear. it is a little much BUT today does say the baby's neck is defined and the head now rests on the neck instead of shoulders. (tyra would be pleased. you know how she can't stand no-necks.)

14 weeks, 2 days


Leah Billings said...

Great color. I can't wait to see the finished product. Love the richness.

melissa said...

by the time baby hills is old enough to be america's next top model, i will have succeeded tyra as the host/only important judge on that show. i can guarantee a win. but, yeah, don't forget the neck. : )

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

love the color but DON'T GO! your my only "little rock" connection!

Marc said...

Why do they always paint hallways that color?

They say taupe is very soothing.

Jennifer said...

uhhh unless ono is going to be a drag queen we may have a problem with the ANTM win....I am sure its a BOY!!!

the day's said...

it never ceases to amaze me, how a little gallon (or two) or paint can make me soooo happy...love the color! :)

Susan said...

What is the name of the color? I love to hear paint names. And, Seth and I are doing the exact same "get the house ready to go on the market" gig.