i can't tell you this week's baby food/fruit size

please believe i take these pictures at the end of the night and i stick it out a little. i have yet to have a stranger comment. (read: i can still hide it!) i am up 6 lovely pounds. yee haw. i'm going to attribute a solid two to, um, my chestal region.

i can't tell you this weeks fruit/food size. it begins with avo and ends with cado. ::RETCHING:: i honestly didn't believe in food aversions but when i think of guacamole i just...well, i just can't, so let's change the subject and hope for no more fruit/food sizes related to mexican food.

here is what my US reminded me of (warning: it's from the last unicorn (retched yet awesome 80s movie; and one of my all time favs) and you will probably think i am nuts after this video but it's my blog and i will post whatever i want!) :THE SKULL SPEAKS. not the baby itself, just the freaky skull & bones part.

in general i feel great - i can't express this enough; i forget i am preggo half the time - but tonight i have a bit of a migrane. boo. i think i shall go ni ni. more news to follow...

16 weeks, 2 days


Elizabeth Spann said...

Awww yucko for migranes, love. You're looking goooooooood, my friend! Way to go. ;)
I was going to call you yesterday because I was at Target (shocker), and they have The Last Unicorn on DVD. Like a bunch of them. I hadn't ever seen it on DVD, but maybe you have it already. ANYWAY, it's there!

Sarah said...

You look too cute. Your belly is definitely bigger than the last time!! How fun, you're growing a person.
I tried to call you back this weekend, but did not leave a message because your mailbox was full. No surprise :) Just like mine.

Jennifer said...

Awwwwwww....so cute. I love you and your little baby too.

brooke knight said...

cute indeed. i am surprised that you aren't getting more comments, but i guess since you have told coworkers, it makes more sense. make way for the cutie pregnant lady!

melissa said...

gd, you're adorable. : )

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

hey sista, go sista
where'd ya get that bump sista!

you look fantabulous!!!!

Stacia said...

Maybe it is a grapefruit??? Always pimpin ;)

Susan said...

Wow, that skeleton does strangely resemble ultrasound baby! Freaky!

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