preggo my leggo? leggo my preggo?

i am in bed. oh yea. it's 8:30. growing a human inside of you requires a lot of sleep. we spent NYE in glorious TULSA, OKLAHOMA. (a quick, single night trip!) i made it until MIDNIGHT and even had a sip or two of champagne. we spent a loverly evening with matt dill who is leaving for SINGAPORE for two years and ryan sheehan. and, of course, we hit the munsells and the knights house for some tulsa loving. freaking flatlanders. we will miss COY matthew terribly; he actually DOES have a blog: cmdill.blogspot.com where he already has some singapore pics from his last visit. i'm not gonna lie; it looks pretty sweet and i desperately look forward to some updating (karl and i may be a bit jealous). he leaves tomorrow the 3rd - send lots of good travel vibes his way b/c i believe the flight is almost 24 hours. we shall skype with him often i hope. AND if you can believe it I DID NOT TAKE ONE SINGLE PICTURE of us ringing in 2008. HORRIBLE aren't i?

so instead i will show you my beer gut. B double E double R U-N. the white top was taken a few hours ago (we are taking that tree down this weekend - the damn thing finally decided to smell this week. go figure.) and the green top was taken a week or so ago. the christmas tree pants are a wardrobe staple these days (totally hot, right? - think they will hold up until july? i FULLY intend to wear them to L&D). so, what do we think? Is it A BUMP?!?!? HA. that little thing in there is the SIZE OF A PEACH (more on this sizing thing later; it fascinates me) this week so the bumpage is still pretty easy to hide. THOUGH when you press on the beer gut, it's pretty hard. most beer guts are soft and squishy. (i know, from experience.) PLUS lots of people have those few extra holiday pounds going on so i feel safe for another few weeks. i have also stealthily been adding some flow-ey tops to my wardrobe. not one person (unawares of the 'condition') has said a thing to me so far. i waver between enjoying this fact and wishing that they did notice. i won't be telling my boss for a little longer so KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. i have some bare belly pics, but i can't decide if they are blog-appropriate.

13 weeks, 5 days

still no word on karl's job situation. it is a waiting game. and not a very fun one.


Anonymous said...

When Ann was pregnant her favorite thing to do was email me in the morning and tell me that according to the book, her baby was growing eyelashes that week, or fingernails, etc. I look forward to hearing what baby Hills is doing at all times!! :)

melissa said...

kat you look so damn cute in your little pjs and your baby bump. : )

Angela said...

Ahhh! That's a baby bump!! :) Absolutely adorable!

Susan said...

Bare belly is appropriate. I should know...I posted them! :) Enjoy it now, cause who knows they might be the last bare belly posting ever...(stretch marks.)

Sarah said...

oh yes! oh yes! you have a baby bump!!! you look freaking adorable. oh i cannot wait for it to grow bigger. isn't it awesome to actually be excited about the expansion of one's stomach?! just think you are actually housing a little person in there.

i wish the tree did not have to go. i wish it could stay and be the background for all subsequent belly posts.

Lauryl Lane said...

YES!!! i want lots of gratuitous belly-baring bump pictures. NOW!!!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

you rook fabrulous!!!
you really do!!! bumpalicious i might even add!:))))))))

Amy, David, Caroline, Corbin and Cohen said...

Congrats, Congrats!! I have a good friend that is also due July 4th. I will add you and Karl to my blog list, so that I can check in on you very often. That is awesome that you guys are not finding out the sex. We may with number two or three :), but for number one we really want to know. I have just started feeling better. It was a rough month or so, but everyone kept telling me I would feel better. Keep me updated. Again many Congrats!!!

Unknown said...

I am SOOOOOO Happy for you!!!
You will absolutely love being a mom! It's the greatest!!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Now we just need to come up with a PITNB name for this baby.... Any ideas???

Anonymous said...

Roman FTW!?!


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