Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream

pregnancy makes me have fun dreams.

last night's dream: we were at a party or a wedding reception of some kind, dancing the night away (because karl and i dance so often). i went into labor. and i was like "i'll be right back, guys." and all the nameless, faceless friends in my dream were like "yea right. you can't do that." and i was determined to get back to the party (or, really, to prove them wrong). so i went to the hospital. and delivered a baby. drug free. and went back to party. no big deal.

ha. aparantly the nurses were left to babysit.

few weeks ago: i left my baby on a tarmac in his/her carrier in europe. like we could see the little car seat / carrier from the plane. my entire extended family was on this European vacation and we were traveling back to the US. i didn't realize i had forgot him/her until halfway over the ocean. everyone was like "oh (s)he's gone. for sure. but you can have another. no big deal."

ha. aparantly i left my child to be raised with some lucky europeans.

let's see.

few weeks ago: (also in europe, oddly enough. where in europe? i do not know. aparantly europe is a small place.) i left the baby at my grandparents house (in europe) on the way to my parents house (in europe). got to my parents, freaked out though the baby was safe, and ran next door *crying* to where beyonce lived with her four young children. beyonce was all "don't worry about - i leave my kids places all the time."

ha. aparantly my family can look forward to moving to europe together. with an international superstar.

moral of the story: karl should take me to europe. now. please.

oddly, or maybe appropriately since we mind neither sex, the baby is neither boy nor girl in my dreams.

20 weeks, 4 days


melissa said...

I think you need to go to Europe... for a Beyonce concert??

Susan said...

OMG, I remember the crazy dreams...none specifically at the moment, but I remember being humored constantly at the randomness of them. Your's take the cake though.

Elizabeth Spann said...

It's funny you should mention that... Katie told me the other day that she had a dream about YOU (being pregnant). Here it goes (not to steal her thunder, but I don't think she makes comments here....)
She was walking through a neighborhood and happened upon your house (except it wasn't your house, but she knew it somehow was). So she knocked and was like, "Hey let's hang out." And you said, "Sure, that's cool, but I might have a baby like right NOW." In her dream, she didn't know you were pregnant and she thought it was kind of weird that you were in labor, but she was like, "OK then!" So you guys hung out and played board games or something while you were in labor.
STRAAAANGE, and hilarious. ;)

Jax said...

ha! Well at least you're going to parties and Europe and stuff. Gah, post-baby Kat really gets around. ;)

Megan said...

Funny dreams! I have crazy dreams, too, but I'm not pregnant-I don't think.

Lauryl Lane said...

wow. i love how people told you that the baby was lost for sure but you could always have another one. lol.

the day's said...

check out my march 2007 archive post about my pregnant dreams...i won't ruin it for you but let's just say i was colt's fan for awhile! ;) (and you can ask susan, i know NOTHING about sports!)