It's 10 am and I just ate my lunch.


i switched doctors and had an appointment with the new doctor yesterday. i feel good about switching. also, which my other docs office
failed to tell me in 21 weeks of pregnancy and multiple blood tests, that my blood is RH negative. (should i have known this? probably. i can't give blood b/c i generally puke or pass out, so i guess i don't really know anything about blood types, my own included. i feel d-u-m-b. if you are any (-) blood type, you are, in fact, rh (-). guess i wasn't paying attention in high school biology class. sorry sr. doreta...er, did i even take biology?) which means i have to get two shots (one at 28ish weeks and one at birth..ahem, in the, um, arse.). The docs office said only 13% of woman are, and I am one of them. Lucky me. Karl is positive so the baby is most likely positive as well... which is the problem. They say it's not a big deal...now anyway (used to be a bigger deal in the past before these shots were available).... i have been doing some research and it seems to not be a big deal... here is a link to some general info about it if you care. it doesn't affect my non-pregnant health. it is most important to get the shot this time so future pregnancies will not be affected. (not such a big deal for the first baby but without shot my body will develop antibodies that stay in there FOR-EVER and affect future pregnancies.)

blah. rockin', right? i still feel stupid for not knowing pre-pregnancy. all the reading and research... how did i miss it?!?! and why didn't doctor #1 mention it at all ever?

ono has graduated to papaya status. and karl felt him/her kick. twice.

happy weekend. i hope you have something more exciting planned than me.

21 weeks.


Maria said...

You didn't eat lunch... you ate a "snack." LOL!

There's a reason you left doctor 1... glad you are liking doctor two. Hopefully Dr 2 can be more flexible!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Wow- I did NOT know that either. We always talk about rh- stuff in my developmental classes, but that never came up! So I wouldn't feel too badly. HOWEVER, your dr. should have told you. Glad you're happy with the switch! Also glad Karl got to feel your little soccer player a-kickin'! FUN. Love you!

kristen said...

i have never heard that...hmmm.

geez, HE is growing so quickly!

Susan said...

Lori is RH- too. Not a big deal; however, the Doc DEFINITELY should have told you! Don't feel d-u-m-b, I don' t even know what my blood type is at all. But it must be + cause I didn't have to get any shots.

Jennifer said...

Yeah that sucks that he didn't tell you but good that you switched. I am so excited that he is getting big enough for karl to feel him kick! Love you guys

Lauryl Lane said...

hmm... i'm not sure that i know what my blood type is, either. although i also know that i can't give blood. when they take a little blood at the drs office for tests, i've been known to crumple. but hey, you should feel good. guess what my gyno just informed me during my annual last year? apparently i carry a rare form of strep in my vagina and will have to have lots of shots when i get preggers so that my baby doesn't catch the strep when it goes thru the birth canal, which is usually fatal. how's that for exciting?

Sarah said...

as little one continues to grow, post-birth, i hope you will still find fruits to match his/her size. it would be most entertaining.

Sarah said...

oh and ps--i don't know my blood type either!

glad you figured all of this out now and will be trouble free.

Stacia said...

I am rh negative also had to have the shots also...rh negative mommies = beautiful babies =)