February Funk in Full Effect

ugh. it is here. i made it till the 15th - halfway through. not too shabby. now i am dying for shorts and flip flops and tank tops. i can't handle cold feet and heating bills ANYMORE. there, i said it. i know we are all trying to be positive about this month. i can't do it anymore!!

i also can't handle:
  • not yet having one of my w-2s. supposedly lost in the mail. i just want to file taxes.
  • just this week, having to actually pay my claim from LAST JUNE for a spider bite so st. john's clinic in tulsa won't report me. (months and months of my dear, patient husband calling and harassing - the INSURANCE COMPANY told us to go to st. johns (we checked b/c we were out of state). mother lovers. and now, more than 6 months later, they are supposedly going to reimburse us the money. riiiiiiiight. IT ISN'T ABOUT THE MONEY AHOLES. besides my prenatal visits, i haven't been to a doctor for illness and/or medicine in over two years. i don't think i went once in college. and i dutifully pay my stupid insurance. karmically, i shouldn't have to pay f$300 for some stupid doctor to look at me for two seconds and some stupid pills that i took ONE of and had a terrible reaction to and THAT DIDN'T EVEN HELP.
  • having to finally switch to direct tv b/c comcast is NOT, in fact, comcastic in any way, shape, or form. (after months of crappy reception/picture... and comcast insisting nothing is wrong. multiple visits and signal checks were made. somehow it never worked right. and karl and i are not cable-challenged.)
  • my dog ate my breakfast shake that karl made me this morning. (roxy; arlo would never do something like that)
  • having to sleep on either my left side or right side. aparantly, i used to sleep on my back. but now it is uncomfortable. stomach sleeping is not so much an option. really, it would be fine if my hips didn't hurt. (small complaint; i am still sleeping fine and the hip pain is really not so terrible)
  • wishing my husband could feel the baby moving. god forgive me for even thinking about complaning about it, but i really wish he could share that with me. (I KNOW - SOON!!!)
  • having no motivation. it is saturday night and i haven't done a single thing today. laundry is important. which brings me to my next point...
  • having NOTHING to wear. so tired of the same pants over and over and over again. want to wear skirts and shorts. (see intro paragraph).
  • having to go watch a boxing match tonight. i love sports. boxing is just not one of them. i'm sorry jermain taylor. i still hope you win and i know all of arkansas supports you. however, i don't want to watch you get knocked out in slow motion high definition television over and over and over again like last time.
  • not being able to work out. no, i can work out. scrap that. just not being able to go so high intensity. no, scrap that. just feeling myself slowing down in general is a little frustrating. it's the little things, really, like getting in and out of cars. just makes a girl want to rest.
  • feeling like this on the weekend!!!

You get no pictures this post.

On a plus side, these things are all minor and karl and i have reached a milestone: WE ARE HALFWAY DONE BASTING THIS BABY!!

20 weeks, 1 day


Maria said...

You're only halfway through basting, if the baby is done on time! LOL! :)

Lauryl Lane said...

i am sorry about your funk... but here's the upside, February is half way over! ;)

the day's said...

how would you like some free summer-time prego people clothes to perk you up? i have a whole box full of small and mediums size clothes (maybe not exactly your style, but heck they are free) and they are yours if you want them. just let me know. feel better soon!

Susan said...

I heart sports, but I no heart boxing. I very much no heart dealing with utility and insurance companies. I'm dealing with the former with the big moving. I swear I'm on the phone with Windstream or Entergy or AT&T every day. "Press 9 for yada yada yada....blaaahh...shut up."
P.S. Take Somer up on her summer preggo clothes. They are cute. Trust me, I got at least one wear out of each outfit before she needed them back.

melissa said...

You can do my taxes for me while you wait...:)