have no mango, mango

this week's fruit is a mango. that is all. my friend mere mere loves mangos and baby ono may share a bday with mere.

first person to put HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY on their blog gets mercilessly made fun of by me.

thanks for all the baby pool guesses so far. link is on the sidebar. i will be updating the rest of the guesses in the morning!

what i have learned about pregnancy this week: pregnancy is an excuse to get your friends to eat where you want, when you want. everyone loves feeding a pregnant lady. i have had three chic-fil-a cookies and creams shakes in five days. and i like neither ice cream nor chocolate. go figure. STILL NO MEXICAN FOOD ALLOWED!! boo.

19 weeks, 5 days


Jennifer said...

It seems like just yesterday he was a little poppy seed....my how time flies.

Okay I just had this enormous issue/convo with jeff about whether or not "flies" is like time flies or if it is the bug. You would think 2 adults could figure this out. We think it is "flies" because i think "flys" is the bug. I should not have to spend 5 minutes discussing this with my husband. Then I started writing about it and i coudn't figure out if "whether"is that way or the same as the "weather"

I should not work more than 10 hours/day or I become an idiot!

I should have made an entire post on my blog about this instead of of writing the longest comment of all time.

But now I can't stop and I just wnat to keep typing stuff.

I know Kat is going to call me when she reads this and tell me I'm an idiot and that she is erasing this because it is too long

I always mess up "too" and "to"

I need to hire Sarah G. to teach me grammar


Lauryl Lane said...

i hate mangoes. i hope that the baby outgrows the mango stage really quickly.

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