baby pool update

So, here is THE POT O MONEY so far. karl and i have just updated.

just so you know SO FAR there is $55 solid CASH money set aside for the winner. in the jar. pictured above. not too bad for a $1 guess. additionally, there are 70 guesses, so if you haven't paid yet, well, you better, so you can win. (starred folks have paid on the pool). additionally, there is still plenty of time to guess. additionally, i will be bringing it to my work shower (june 10!) so there will, i'm sure, be a few more guesses added to the pot! i am guessing maybe about $100 total might go to the winner! gambling on unborn babes is FUN. please email me with any questions or if we put your guess on there incorrectly.

Clickety click: babypool guesses go here! do it!!!

my doctors appointment was cancelled on tuesday and not rescheduled until tomorrow afternoon. this is a cruel thing to do to a pregnant lady! i might even go as far to say i am looking forward to the increase in doctors appointments (weekly!) - if only to feel like we are making strides to THE END.

i am going to try and take some video of my belly jumping and post it. it's entertaining.

34 weeks, 5 days


Maria said...

You're awesome! I'm going to have to guess. I was refraining, but there is such a bold open spot waiting for me!

Lauryl Lane said...

hmm, should i just put a crisp dollar bill in the mail and send it to you? if that's the best way to do it... i might as well make a few more bets while i'm at it. i have your cherokee address, that good?

Jennifer said...

i am pretty sure i am going to win.....thats all.

Susan said...

Remind me to give you a dollar next time I see you. By the way, that better be soon!

melissa said...

the word "feti" just made my day. xox

Jax said...

I need to see baby jumping. NOW. :))

Chandle said...

Come on out little girl, right on my guess day. :)

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