haha: 54 minutes

karl and i did a 5k this morning. he ran. i walked very slowly. you can see i am starting to look a little swolled. boo. hiss. i have nothing exciting to tell you. the end.

35 weeks, 1 day


m-m-m-melissa said...

you are so cute it's f*cking ridiculous. xox

Maria said...

Um, you're f*cking pregnant...REALLY pregnant at that... so you are allowed to walk or waddle as slowly as you want (or need). Oh, and you are too damned cute. Even I might start to hate you. OK. Not really, but still. How do you do it?

sasspot said...

you are too precious. i love you.

melissa said...

Good for you! Um, that's only like 15 minutes slower than when I "walk" a 5K...hmm.

Susan said...

Go you! I wanted to do the Toadsuck 5k while pregnant, but Seth wouldn't let me! I was 8.5 months prego, but I figured all's safe, there's an ambulance there and the course went right near the hospitol. I wanted to walk/waddle little Setler right on out. Oh well. Next time!

sasspot said...

how do you keep your bathroom grout so clean? what do you use? my kitchen looks horrid in some places and i clean and clean it!!!! oh yay for the fifties tile, I LOVE IT, but it is hard hard hard to keep presentable.

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