tulsa time

some pics from ASLUT university. er, TULSA. yep, tulsa spells aslut backwards. just so you know. ;)

jenny and brooke hosted a beautiful shower on a gorgeous day. absolutely loverly. nora nate loved it. karl and i felt overwhelmed by the support.

pics above. slings and strollers and spoiling. oh my. :)

32 weeks, 3 days


Maria said...

Sling demonstrations available any and every time! :)

Congratulations again, and it was good to see you this weekend.

Lauryl Lane said...

the shower looks so lovely! love the bright colors and the cupcake cake is AWESOME. I used to wear one of those slings to carry around my baby sister maggie back in the day... it was pretty comfy, actually. ;)

melissa said...

Beautiful shower! Your friends throw some pretty parties :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sad I didn't get back in town in time to attend! :( I'm glad you had fun though!!!

Chandle said...

It looks beautiful, I'm glad you had a great time. Only a few weeks left!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

Ok, now you look pregnant. Cute dress. Girl, the next month is gonna FLY BY! Are you ready? Is the nursery? Are you going into nesting overload mode?

brooke knight said...

i miss you! come back to me! if not, you might end up with a live-in nanny! watch out! :)

Elizabeth Spann said...

Looks like it was a beautiful weekend! :)

Stacia said...

I agree your friends do throw pretty parties

Jax said...

Sad I missed it!! Thanks for the cute pics, lover! :) I cant wait for Nora Nate to make her/his appearance...on July 3rd. ;)

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