dear ole doc

just wanted to update you on the DREADED yet MUCH ANTICIPATED doctors appointment.

it went well.

there are three doctors in the clinic i visit so today i got to meet with another - he is a sweet man who said i have great ankles! (the highest compliment for pregnant women as 'great ankles' means no swelling!). He is also the on call doctor the weekend of july 4 when the other two docs will be out of town, so, IF i am on time(ish), he will be my delivery doc. (not that i am going to need him to do much but catch that baby and hand him over all bloody and fluid covered! HA!)

my blood pressure remains the same, heartbeat was about the same, head is DOWN down down and not likely to change, um, what else do you want to know? i gained six pounds since last month (eek! the scale continues to climb into uncharted territory!) these appointments are pretty boring (thankfully!) and will now increase in frequency. HE DID SAY he was a little worried about my ribs - they are already pushing out and he seems to think this could get pretty painful for me since i have no more room at the inn. who knew each rib in your rib cage has nerve endings? so far it has not been painful and maybe baby will "drop" early and i won't have too much pain (they can't do anything for it, but suggest resting. HA!).

anyway that is all i have to report. do all you mamas out there laugh at my silly posts? am i obsessing too much? it is somewhat difficult to think about much else!

32 weeks, 4 days


the day's said...

ummm...NO! absolutely no laughing here...i think they are great! now, where is the fruit/belly pic of the week? i need my fix! ;) jk, oh and btw, rib thing really isn't bad, happened with both kids to me.

Lauryl Lane said...

hmm, i've never heard about this rib business before. they suggest rest? really? like bed rest? ha. i can so see that happening. what about pain killers, man? ;)

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hoooooray for good reports! It's getting so close! Almost there, mama Kat!

Stacia said...

Laugh at yor post...never! I love your post, always to the point like me =)

Sarah said...

baby ruth the candy bar? or baby ruth as in a baby girl's name. i like both.

and your posts.

and if you are in uncharted territory on the scale then it's all belly babe because you look supurb.

melissa said...

I've heard of birthing hips...but never birthing ribs :) Glad to hear you and baby are healthy!

Maria said...

My own pregnancy and birth are far too fresh in my mind for me to laugh, but I am enjoying living vicariously through you! Like I said Saturday (I think...), I'd love to do the pregnancy, delivery and nursing again... the rest? Not so much. LOL! :)