weddings, bdays, and belly pics

EXTREME BELLY close up. just for you. i think it's gotten a little larger in the last week or so. people still say "you're belly is still so small" or "you must be having a little baby" at least twice a day. maybe more. i think i have realized nobody is ever really happy with "the size of a pregnant lady" ... or they just love to comment... it's either 'you're too big' or you're to small...*never you look like you are measuring right on OR your baby will be big/little/have three heads *never just normal baby size OR the baby is going to early/late *never right on time. whatever. i like to talk about it, so i don't really care what you say if it gives me an opening! haha!

friday night we attended liza and her new husband coby's wedding & reception. simple and gorgeous. i just love a good wedding. kristen, leah, and elizabeth came over and we stayed up until 1 in the A.M. playing around and playing guitar hero. it was kind of awesome. some much-needed friend time.

today (sunday) is my birthday. my last birthday without child (well, outside the womb). we didn't do a whole lot - karl and melissa and elizabeth and i saw BABY MAMA at the movies. (who knew movie seats were so freaking UNCOMFORTABLE!) movie was hilarious. however, the baby does not like my birthday. i MAY have taken a break from healthy eating for the day and gorged myself on cinnamon rolls (breakfast), dinner pizza (skeezers) and movie theater popcorn and soda (2). oops. sorry nora nate. that is just disgusting.

this baby mama is going to now force my husband to watch the cardinals cubs game with me and go to bed! thanks for all the phone calls and texts and emails and messages. love you all.

31 weeks, 2 days


the day's said...

you belly is SO cute, and perfectly sized! happy happy bday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! Love, Aunt Jayne

Angela said...

Happy B-day!

(and I think your belly is perfect!)

Maria said...

Happy Birthday!

And I agree with the others. I think you look great! Perfect size. As a matter of a fact, I opened the picture of me right around the same point in my PG as you are, and I think our bellies are similarly sized, so you must be perfect, because I know I was. Ha ha. At least that is my story and I'm sticking to it! I'm emailing you the pic.


Lauryl Lane said...

happy birthday, kat!!!

Susan said...

Mary saw that and said it was funny. I'm sure we'll wait til it's rentable as usual.

Stacia said...


Amy, David, Caroline, Corbin and Cohen said...

Happy B-day!!! Your belly is perfect. I have gotten the same thing, are you sure you are that far along or is that baby going to be here anyday :) You look so pretty!!!

Jax said...

Nora Nate... LOL! I dont know why I think that's so funny... Anyway..

Happy birthday (again!) :))) It's your birthday week, lover. Sunday just kicked it off!

I think your belly is perfect. And, I say that as a single-not-near-baby person. I have to explain that b/c I look at some bellies in facebook albums and think "God. No!" But, yours makes me want to touch it and get the "i just saw a puppy" face...

Yeah. So there. Love.

Chandle said...

happy b-day girlie girl. You look fab! I also ate a ton of very unhealthy food, and as juno's friend would say, had a food baby.

Elizabeth Spann said...

It was great hanging out this weekend! I agree- MUCH needed. I will put pics up too- soon!
Love you!

kristen said...

happy belated b-day!

brooke knight said...

i love you and your big-ass baby! heheheheheheehee. nora nate. awesome.

Leah Billings said...

I third that. Hanging out was so nice. Hopefully we can all do it more often now that summery hanging out weather is here.

Happy Birthday to you too! And you're allowed to eat whatever you want on your birthday. It's the law! :)

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