doctor update

i had my first INTERNAL exam today. (do you even want to know this!?!?)

i told doc i thought i would be right on time or late and he said that was a good attitude to have.

then he checked me and said i was PROGRESSING. he didn't say pack your bags (i need to do that anyway), but he seemed a bit surprised. pleasantly so.

1 cm dilated. 80% effaced. a-par-antly this is good. i'm not buying it!

i can choo-choo-choo-choooose whether i want another internal next week. should i have one or just wait it out!? there isn't really a REASON for them other than to tell you if you are making more progress. do i need to know that? i mean, baby is coming one way or another right?

i also went over my BIRTH PLAN with him. he liked it and said he was confident i could have whatever i wanted when it came to labor and delivery. booooosh. i am woman. right? :)

i had my work shower this afternoon. pictures to follow. again with the generosity. i am all weepy lately and it was awesome. we are done with showers. this baby is SPOILT already.

AND AND, speaking of weepy, elizabeth and kristen and katie SURPRISED me with an hour MASSAGE this afternoon. how freaking awesome is that?!!?! heavenly. this baby mama is spoilT as well.

now, what shall we do to SPOIL poor karl? i know! i will LET him put together some baby stuff. maybe even do baby laundry. or cook me dinner.

nora nate is kicking away as i type. i feel selfish b/c i get to feel it all and everyone else just gets a kick here and there. surely this is the saddest part of pregnancy. i REALLY want to share it with EVERYONE. it is such a fabulous sensation. i think i shall miss it. (and that is why all pregnant women want all their friends to get pregnant!)

36 weeks, 4 days (i just tried to type 32 weeks; DENIAL much?)


Chandle said...

I love reading your post. You do have a way of making people catch the baby bug. I can't wait to meet her/him!

Jennifer said...

Aggghhh he or she will be here so soon....I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing wonderful and we are all super proud of you guys! Love you and the little one....

Maria said...

That's awesome about your progress. Hopefully you can avoid the +13 days of pregnancy I had! :)

Oh, and I might be the only woman in the world who does not encourage her friends to become pregnant. Brooke will tell you. LOL! Not that I don't love babies or showering pregnant women with love...

Susan said...

Yes! And just wait til you feel the joy of motherhood. It's unexplainable; you just encourage all friends to have babies so they can understand and feel the same. A friend asked me why should he have kids the other day, and I was speechless; you just DO!
I want to see ABPG shower pics.

melissa said...

I don't really understand the "birthing plan"...what do you plan? How many different ways can you have a baby? I am totally ignorant on the subject...if you get a chance please elaborate.

Congrats on a happy dr. appt!

Stacia said...

Soon very soon. I was promised an invite to the shower, did not get it. Hope you enjoy your goodies!

Lauryl Lane said...

so my question for your birthing plan.... did you decide to go au naturale? if so, you are crazy. just saying. i've watched natural births and births aided by lots of drugs, and while they are both gross from an observer's point of view... there is no way i'm having a baby without an epidural. ;)

i love that karl gets relegated to doing baby laundry. during delivery you should yell at him like joan cusack did in that movie, nine months. "YOU DID THIS TO ME!!! AHHHH!!!!" i want that on videotape. please.

care said...

just wanted to tell you, no matter how many bodily fluids are involved, I am certain that birth is beautiful. okay, maybe a leetle icky too. but nothing that won't wash off. :)

also, you are not crazy. you are just doing what is best for you. I have no idea what I'll do, someday, when I have to decide how to have my children. but I will tell you this: because of people like you and my friend patty and maria, and because of hearing your stories, I will feel much more confident that I will make the right decision and do what is best for me.

also, lauryl, I don't mean to comment-hate, but it is not nice to tell pregnant women (or anyone else for that matter) that they are crazy, or how something they're about to go through is gross. it's a much meaner equivalent of something like "this tastes bad--try it!" when you know full well that the person has no ability to avoid tasting it.

anyway. sorry for the rant.

care said...
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Maria said...

Beyond what Carrie said, it is not anyones business how she births or choses to birth her child, nor is it anyone else's place to tell her how she should birth. It is her (and karl and the doula's) business. Furthermore, telling her she is "insane" serves no purpose no matter what her choice is. Undoubtedly, she has researched all of the options, weighed the positive and negatives of each and made a decision. < / end rant >

brooke knight said...

HOLY CRAP thanks for linking to the def. of effacement! i was embarassed to ask!

Megan said...

Gotta love those ABPG showers!

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