summer solstice : christmas in june

after two sleepless nights (seriously maybe 3 hours each night!) i FINALLY got some relief and slept almost 10 straight. (well, i did get up every hour and a half to pee but that is A-Ok when you can actually fall back asleep again!) and i intend to nap after i finish this blog. take that body! you WILL be rested.

we had a great, great, great engagement party for elizabeth and jeremy. we loves them and we can't wait to get them married! 6 months to go!! it will be here before we all know it. they are going to have a fabulous winter wonderland wedding so we tried to incorporate some snowflakes to the party decor. we had fun with GLITTTTTTTTTER and fake snow (batting!). i am pretty sure it was a SUCCESSFUL party. karl and i stayed until about 10:30... my feet couldn't take it anymore!

nora nate has been real quiet these last few days. she is running out of room in there so the movement isn't quite as violent, and (i hope) she is resting up for labor and delivery. i wish it were today. i packed our bags! (ish.)

any time now baby. i'm starting to get tired of having to be helped off the couch, into the car, down stairs, picking things up, driving, doing NORMAL things. i am just glad i didn't pull the PREGGO CARD this whole time b/c now i feel a LITTLE less guilty about needing lots of HELP! ha.

38 weeks, 2 days


Maria said...

Little known fact. There was no shower in our German apartment, so we had to sit down in the tub and use the hand shower...or take a bath. I could only do so when Kevin was home, because I couldn't get myself out in the last month or so. Yeah, no shit. It sucked. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Can you reach the gas and brake pedals? We are both 5ft 1/2inch and every inch counts my belly gets so big that when I moved the seat back I almost couldn't reach.
Love, Bridget

Lauryl Lane said...

aw, that looks like a great party! i love themes... kat, you look like you're about to pop. i'm going to be in t=town in a month and i sure wish i could come see you and the baby... but i don't know if i can get away for a whole day in the midst of designing a wedding.... i will try though. i miss you and am dying to see the baby while it's still a lil tiny thing.

Jax said...

Hello. I want to awkwardly hug you and your big belly b/c I think you look so effing adorable!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Such a good time on Saturday! And those invites are fab!
Love you guys oh-so-much!

brooke knight said...

i think your glittering looks phenomenal. i also think that you. with your sweet, well-behaved dogs, look phenomenal. get your rest my darling!

Sarah said...

cute party! love the theme.

love your polk-dots, you look really cute.