this is a leek. yum yum yum. (oh wait till you see next weeks! it begins with a W!!)

nora nate had a rough night last night. (and me too. i watched sports center's baseball tonight about eight times, drifting in and out and barely slept. i had a dream i was on a dock and that i tied my i-phone to a construction crain pulley thinking it would be 'safe' and the crain lifted it up, up, up and away and i cried and cried. WHAT? ugh. i try not to complain much, but last night seriously sucked.)

needless to say, i was late for work this morning. i felt guilty about it for a minute and then decided I NEED SLEEP and stayed in bed till about 10 am! i have decided and discussed with my boss - i will be taking some half days next week. there is NO WAY if i had gone into labor last night i could have birthed a baby after the day i had yesterday ... i was just too exhasted (and the day was super stressful and i don't need all that nonsense.)

the cardinals and the red sox are on TV tonight so maybe i will get some much needed rest and recooperation.

38 weeks.


melissa said...

go sox. get yourself some sleep, pretty girl. xox

Angela said...

I love that you're craving baseball on tv- my mom was the same way throughout her second pregnancy. Non-stop baseball games! lol

Maria said...

Even if you don't sleep, be sure to lie down and rest! noranate needs you ready!

Maria said...

Oh, and I remember the dreams getting stranger and stranger as it got closer to "time."

Sarah said...

that baby may be that long, but it is taking up far more room than that damn leek.