it's a FULL MOON!

roxy missed being blogged about. she told me.

i have this sweater in three colors - pink, brown, black. yep, i will be wearing one of them EVERY DAY until delivery. thank you, target.

i am watching baseball! cubs and tampa bay. i really can't get enough baseball. it's the only thing i want to do. weird.

it is a full moon (some say lots of babies come on full moons!) but nary a pain for me and minimal mini-contractions today so don't think the full moon is going to provide any, um, help with the whole starting labor thing.

i did make karl walk me. (and the dogs.)

oh, and i will officially be closing the baby pool on friday. CLOSED. i believe i have $12 more dollars bringing the total to $80. i will update all the payments and guesses on Friday. if you haven't paid by then, well, you get no monies if you win and it will go to the next closest guesser. guesses are starting to go by, so i think it is probably only (probably only?) fair to close it.

i. can't. stop. blogging.

or eating.

37 weeks, 5 days


Jennifer said...

Shocking you only posted a picture with Roxy. Please tell my best friend Arlo that I love him and that I will come to LR soon, get drunk and spoon on the floor with him.

Lauryl Lane said...

WAIT. i am putting the monies in the mail tomorrow, so don't close it until you get my envelope. it includes 4 more guesses, too! ;)

Maria said...

Did you get your box with my dollar? Does any additional fundage only need to be postmarked by Friday? What if I want to throw one more in the mail? It'd be postmarked in time, but not there. Anyway...

I think you still look great. Did Karl put a leash on you? Oh, and I did the three shirt rotation too... only it might have been two. I didn't go to work though.

Nanna said...

Love keeping up with you and your growing family. I read your blog instead of the newspaper. Matt is coming home for two weeks!!! Should be here Sat. 6/21. Can not wait for him to see his new house! Your pictures are great. Melissa says hi, your greetings made her smile!

Jax said...

"I did make Karl walk me" is the funniest thing I've read in a long time... lol!!!

Kristy said...

Yea! So glad I talked you into the pink one and that you love it!