tuesday is doctor day! yea!

no news. same amount of progress. (yep, i decided to get checked! i couldn't resist!) i fell asleep in the exam room waiting for the doctor (sans pants!) and he laughed at me. a lot. so no news is good news! baby is still basting.

let's see: what else would i like to discuss besides pregnancy?

  • There are lots of rumblings about gas prices. This is an interesting CNN tech link - how much do you have to work to fill your tank? You don't have to tell me your answer, but I find the link interesting. Karl and I currently carpool (together, ugh.) and we drive my car and the truck on the weekends. we both fill up our tanks ABOUT one time per month! (sometimes I have to do two.) (one advantage of small town living!) So we haven't been terribly affected (effected? crap. which one is it!?! affect is the verb one?!? sorry, sister patricia (first grammar teacher), i think i have failed here) by prices at the pump. how bout you?
  • Some people are making a comeback in the blogosphere: karl, melissa p. (google reader is ridiculously helpful for keeping track of all blog updates. really, it will change your blog habits! i subscribe to over 100 blogs and it takes me about 15 minutes a day to check them all! only downside, it doesn't read private blogs and sometimes has issues with some RSS feeders).
  • Additionally, we bought the domain name: www.karlandkat.com and it points to the bloggity blog. i have no idea who checks this thing, but welcome all old and new.
  • Elizabeth and Jeremy's engagement party is this weekend! I did some cute invites - i will post them after the party! WITH PICTURES. i can't wait. 6 months till their wedding!!!
  • THE CARDINALS ARE NEVER ON TV HERE. AND IT PISSES ME OFF because I AM NOT PAYING for some stupid MLB subscription package. my late pregnancy craving/comfort is watching baseball - seriously not kidding. i look for games every night. i am watching the astros and orioles right now. AND i hate the astros!! someone SERIOUSLY come up with a solution to this problem. ESPN shows stupid poker, but no MLB. Like they don't make enough money to show some freaking games on television. AND THE CARDINALS ARE GOOD. and they need to catch up to the cubs!
  • my ankles are disgusting. AND i threw up this morning! (it hurt - my abs no workey!)
  • i am getting less and less productive at work. help.
  • we DID order those kitchen cabinets. guess when they get here? july 2. HAHAHAHA!
37 weeks, 4 days


jaime said...

hey kat, i've been keeping up with your progress, still love the fruit! you look amazing by the way!
so if you feel like a familiar face would aid you in the delivery room give me a call when the time comes and i'll do what i can to be there for you. ilove working with kim, she's my fave.
best wishes for the next few weeks!
jaime 501-554-2446

Lauryl Lane said...

wow, you are lucky. sammy and i each fill our tanks about once a week. gas is currently at about $4.79 per gallon here. we both have small cars that get pretty good mileage, but it's running us each around $55-$60 per fill-up. so that's over $200 each per month. it SUCKS.

melissa said...

Affected is correct...Sr. Patricia would still be proud! Glad to hear everything is good in the belly...and Google Reader is the best thing ever!

melissa said...

you are such a cute little cutie. don't worry about talking about stuff besides pregnancy; everyone is beyond interested in even the tiniest of details, so keep 'em comin'. : ) thanks for the shout-out, homegirl. let's try to keep the puking to a minimum. love you.

melissa said...

p.s. i am INSANELY impressed that here, in the middle of june, your blog is now titled "kat and karl 2008." : )

Jax said...

haha.. you fell asleep on the table? hahahahahaha! That's kinda awesome to see a pantless sleeping prego chick when you walk into a room...

I fill my gas tank once per week. *sigh*

Sarah said...

we've started saving TONS of money on gas since we sold matt's truck and bought a car. it is lovely. we also car pool about three times a week during the school year... the only reason we don't do it all the time is because i don't always like being at school until 6 when i can leave at 3:45, sometimes earlier. when we do decide to have a child, i will not stay later than that either, so the car pooling will be shot. i would take a bus if our transit system were reliable, but that is another story all together.

love love