yay for contractions!

oh honeydew. how i love you.

let's talk contractions. i have been having lots of them. the little fake ones that don't hurt. for maybe a month/few weeks now. for me (everyone is different, of course) they are mainly on one side and it gets all sorts of tight and hilarious looking (in the sense it becomes even MORE lopsided than one would think possible). there is definately no mistaking them that is for sure. usually MORE WATER makes them go away. at least they make me feel like SOMETHING is happening.

i need two things from you:

1. some relaxing music suggestions for this last month... for helping me sleep before baby gets here, for helping me relax during early labor, for helping me relax after delivery while i have to stay in the un hospital. i have never stayed in a hospital before. i am a little apprehensive about it. music might help, right? right. (humor me anyway! burn me cds if you have something extra-special.)

2. (mainly for the baby mamas out there). what was your MOST NEEDED hospital bag item? i guess i am going to pack one (holy crap!).

i am sleepy.

the red wings suck (i almost stayed awake during the 3OTs of the stanley cup finals last night but didn't quite make it!). i want neither team to win, so i don't know why i even bother watching!

we might be getting new kitchen cabinets in the next few weeks. and maybe new floors before the baby comes. i think we might be crazy.

good night (moon).

i tried to get karl to tell me something interesting to blog about. he's got nothing.

i could share with you some interesting tidbits from our baby class. um. we talk about birthing positions a lot. that probably isn't that interesting to you. we DID have an entertaining swaddling the taco-baby lesson (during which time i thought 'what the hell am i doing here!?!? i can't have a baby!')

i did actually take some video of the baby moving but my camera ate it. and many other pics. (first time i have EVER lost anything from a memory card - most of the images were already moved to my computer, but it was still tragic.) i will try again. nora nate was shy for the camera. (me must fix that immediately, right?!)

i have talked about nothing long enough. go about your business.

35 weeks, 4 days


care said...

music--boozoo bajou's satta. mellllow. I listen to it at work when I'm stressed. perhaps not super great for pre-sleeping, but calming.

stephen kellogg and the sixers are more rock but still chill.

I will think and maybe, just maybe, if the stars align, I might just could possibly send you a cd via pony express. mayhaps. :)

and for the hospital bag item, I got nothin'. I heard positive things about swaddle-mes though.

melissa said...

Yeah, I felt bad when you were opening presents and there were like 3 other copies of Goodnight Moon...you could distribute them to other homes at which baby might stay over at some point or another (or I may still have the gift receipt, although I don't know if that's worth a trip to Target). I actually thought about making you a cd for a shower present but wasn't sure if you already had every song possible on your Ipod...I will see what I can contribute.

Anonymous said...

i can tell you what NOT to pack in your bag for the hospital. DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, let your husband talk you into packing a santana cd as part of your labor soundtrack. especially the one with "black magic woman" on it.

it leads to divorce.

you'll need lots of hands for lower back rubs, those were they key for me! 11 pounds 6 ounces later? i was a HAPPY CAMPER!!!

you look great doll!

heather kathleen

kristen said...

i will put jr on the cd making job. he has skills in that area, since he knows every song ever made. he was asking about you yesterday. so, now i can tell him how to help. yay!

Maria said...

I got nothing on the music. We made a relaxing playlist on the ipod and I hated it during labor. LOL!

As for the bag-- leave the swaddle me at home. The nurses will show you over and over how to swaddle and do it for you. My situation was a little different. I needed multiple changes of shirts/shorts, because we had to bring our own birthing clothes. That being said-- most necessary outside of that for me was... clothes for me and baby to go home in. OK. That was a sucky answer. Toothbrush. I threw up. I needed the toothbrush. LOL! If you want, you can send me a list of what you are packing, and I'll freely give my thoughts on if you need it or not. :)

Elizabeth Spann said...

Eeeeeee! You're getting so close, I can't wait. ;) If you need anything at all, just let me know. My suggestion for relaxation... go up to N Street and see a friend. ;) Hee, hee.

Maria said...

I forgot to tell you-- when I was pregnant, a nursing (post-partum, neonatal) friend told me that the #1 cause of premature labor during summer months is dehydration. Even though it wouldn't be premature, it does explain why water calms them down, I think.

the day's said...

awwww pre-labor labor, i kinda miss that tight belly feeling. a little bit of fear mixed with a whole lot of excitement and unknown...hmmmmm, good memories! ok, enough about me. two things, snacks for your hubby, that way he has no excuse to spend two hours at the snack machine. AND slip on shoes to wear at the hospital. i KNOW it is random, but you need 'em...trust me! i could send you the packing list i used? email me if you want it. btw, we also have five copies of good night moon...it ain't a bad thing! inevitably one\two will get eaten by the dog, the child, or both! ;)

jennifer said...

ummm...as a music person i put enormous pressure on making a regular mixed cd. it usually takes me months. and then you ask for a birthing mix?! a birthing mix?! there is some panic going on this corner. i can't do this!

my morning jacket. okonokos to start..way jammy but super laid back.

cd to come. MAYBE

Susan said...

Enya...I call it my airplane music. It's relaxing and soothing. I have a cd if you want to borrow it. Though, I didn't listen to anything.

Advice: Warn all visitors not to comment on the HUGE contraction they see coming on the monitor. It's not necessary cause you will be feeling it 10 secnds after they see the zigzag go way up. They also are not allowed to say things like, "That didn't look that big," when you're screaming in pain.

Back rubbers were a fantastic thing. Thanks Mom, Nancy, and Seth for tag teaming it. I had major back labor though.

Not sure it's the most necessary hospitol bag item, but I forgot one so it's vivid in my memory, especially since I ended up staying like 4 days...a razor! However, camera is el numero uno as always. However, Karl can run home real quick and grab anything forgotten. He'll have to feed dogs and stuff anyhow.

Swaddling is good stuff. Most babies like it. Just a plain ol receiving blanket will do though, nothing fancy needed.

I had never spent over night in the hosp. either til childbirth. It'll be fine. It's nice actually, enjoy it. After that, that baby is alllll yours and Karl's responsibility. Sleep and let the nursery handle her as much as possible! That's my advice.

Meredith and Michael H. said...

Hey Kat! I've been keeping up with your blog for quite awhile now--I'm glad to see everything is going so well for you! Good luck with the next few weeks. :)

Meredith (Besancon) Haynes

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