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just so you know the cankle complaining was REAL. that bottom shot is the day before i delivered. fun, right? doc was never worried about it and my blood pressure was always fine... ah, pregnancy! i feel like my body is slowly returning to me. it is AMAZING how much you have to surrender your body to being pregnant... i think b/c i felt so good most of the time that i don't think i realized JUST how much i had to give it up until it has slowly been going back to "normal." and it seems to be going back pretty fast! (awesome. i really can't wait to go walk or move around... not to lose weight just to get that 'reclaim my body feel' and not be all waddley and off balance!)

we went to the pedi again this morning. she is keeping a close eye on him. i kind of hate going to a place where there are GERMS EVERYWHERE so frequently, but we really like our pedi and trust her and, well, it's reassuring to check on little nater salad (hmm.) he is doing just beautifully... breast feeding is.... getting better. i am pumping still and feeding... hopefully i will get back to just feeding...we'll see. i was TOTALLY unprepared for how difficult and time consuming bf'ing was going to be. Pumping is actually helping to give me a little confidence (how do you 'just know' they are getting enough? seriously!?!?) With pumping, I know for sure Nate is getting some mil-mil-milky wh-whi-white... he had gained some poundage and is close to his birth weight. plus his latch remains just fine. trust me.

(is it possible he already looks different?)

i think i am going to the OB office tomorrow. normally you go 6 weeks post partum but i kind of want to touch base with my doc and make sure everything is cool. (he knows i delivered. we have talked via phone but not in person.) i feel great so not anticipating any sort of issues, but being in this weird in between model of care stresses me so i figure getting checked will make me feel better and just more reassurance our little family is on a healthy path.

brooke came down yesterday - she is a natural with baby n - and we had a ridiculously lovely afternoon just hanging out with nate. he is a super chill baby so far. (PS did you know babies float with your hand behind just their neck? he took an herbal bath with me this afternoon (suggested by midwife) and just floated all happy like around. kicking out his seriously long legs. it was pretty stinking adorable. i took a picture but that is in-a-pro-priate.)

happy one week birthday nate and happy almost due date to me!

i promise to try and not make the bloggity TOTALLY baby focused, but, well, i kind of feel a little proud, and i kind of want to show him off. thank you all once again for reading and for your kind comments and positive support. it helps. a lot. (AH! EMOTIONAL HORMONAL MOMENT.... lactating makes you all weepy like.)

7 days.


Sarah said...

oh i love nater-tater--he is beautiful!!!!!! it's okay to call baby boys pretty, right?

i don't love those cankles; i knew they were swollen, but shit-mother-fucker. (does the blog have to be G rated now?)

i'm so glad b came for a visit!

Paul Knight said...

i don't know about "a natural" but i did have a great time. it was so nice to see all of you in your natural habitat!!!

Leslie Robus said...

he is such a perfect little boy...and you look GREAT!! Everyone is going to see Nate Dog (that is what John calls him by the way) before us! I am so sad that we aren't closer. Anyway, we will be down there late August for a wedding..so...see you all then!!

Paul Knight said...

dang it paul with your always being signed in! that is THREE TIMES NOW.
i need my own computer!

Anonymous said...

i hope you are not going to wait until thanksgiving to bring him to stl i really really really want to hold the little guy he's way smaller than danny ever was and i want a tiny thing to hold

KaritaG said...

Hey I am a friend of Maria's that just wandered over from her blog...CONGRATULATIONS! I just wanted to say I know someone who ONLY pumped due to latching issues and you should do whatever works for you! My SIL just had a baby and was like you with the "I had no idea how time consuming it would be," so you're not alone! Nate is ADORABLE!!!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

both my sisters b-f'd until the kids were 14 months or so. not me. but that's besides the point. my little sister has a 5 month old and was having problems with her milk production. she found some type of herbal tea that helps stimulates your production. health food store i think...and swears by it now.

nate is such a cutie!!!!

Chandle said...

I love hearing about your beautiful baby. Keep it comin'.

Lauryl Lane said...

he is getting cuter and cuter. the pic of you and nate with brooke is precious! um.... that cankle is AWFUL. i had no idea it was that bad. geez. glad bf-ing is going better. kisses!

Jax said...

I LOVE the pics, updates, stories, etc. NEVER apologize for making the blog baby-centric. We're all stalking you for a reason...and you're cute and all, but it's also b/c you gave birth to the most amazing little boy! :) So jealous of Brooke-I cant wait to see him and hold him and talk baby talk to him. Yes, I am going to and you cant stop me.

I'm glad you're getting back to pre-prego Kat...but I think prego Kat was pretty damn adorable-cankles or no cankles. :) (I just felt a little weird cursing on the blog post about your baby...Weird.)