sometimes black and white alien pictures are fun

we had some out of towners in this weekend.... brooke and caitlin came to hang out with nater bot. (the alien baby? just trying out different nicknames!) they (and mike and audra) made us delicious food and we played baby all afternoon and evening. it was nice. until they left and nate projectile pooped all over everything. oops.

here are some things we have learned in our first two weeks as parents:
1. don't remodel your kitchen with a newborn. (for the record, the only thing we did was some painting. no way we could have done any remodeling ourselves on this little sleep!)
2. sleep is nice. when you get it.
3. eating this many calories is awesome. when i have time to fix something. and scarf it down guilt free. yum.
4. nate is getting fatter! (kim came over to weigh him last week. we got him naked and got him in the scale. (one of those sling scales made of fabric). she lifted him up and he peed everywhere. this boy is an open air pee-er. that is a fact. we are pretty sure he weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 ounces... before the pee leaked everywhere. so he is probably a solid 8 pounder by now! those cheeks are filling OUT.)
5. breastfeeding still sucks. (ha.) but we are still 100% breast fed! (i am proud. it has been a challenge. we are still pumping and nursing...getting there.) OH AND WHO FORGOT to tell me that every time he cries my breasts will either a. leak or b. ache. it's a pretty sweet deal, really.
6. sometimes it is hard NOT to hold your baby. when he is perfectly content and and beautiful and sleeping, it is hard to leave him in his swing or pack n play bassinet! is that so wrong?

other things...
he is still a bit jaundiced looking. it stresses me out. we are going to the pedi AGAIN tomorrow.

um. i had all these great stories i was going to blog about but i can't seem to get them out of my head and on to the blog.

i forgot to tell you about the computer karl bought when we were admitted to the hospital. he went home to 'get some things' after we were admitted and somehow wound up at best buy getting a new computer while i was all alone having some lovely lactation consultant massage my boobs and sad little nate under his little lamp (hissing at him to get his a$@ to the hosptial on the phone!). oh, karl. he likes retail gadget therapy when he gets stressed.

2 weeks, 3 days old.


brooke knight said...

wow! quick blog! cute times.

Lauryl Lane said...

great pictures! sounds like you guys are having wonderful baby time! ;)

Maria said...

Too cute! :)

Maria said...

P.S. You should be proud. BF is the best food for little nate, and it is not easy work-- especially in the beginning! I am proud of you! :)

♥Joy♥ said...

came over from jax's blog.

your son is beautiful. awesome stories. awesome blogs. you guys are just awesome. =D

cngrats & good luck & well wishes!!!

Lauryl Lane said...

hey kat, thanks for the running advice! i have been on mapmyrun... i have a FAB neighborhood to run in (plus Griffith Park is half a mile away), but i don't think i'm "trained" enough to try it yet, since it's scary hilly in some places. i tried running hills over at the silverlake reservoir when my dad was here and it just about killed me. in the beginning i was running on the roof, but that got monotonous (not to mention HOT if i ran when sun was out), so i've been sticking to the treadmill downstairs in our gym. that way i can keep of track of how far/fast i'm running. i haven't advanced to any sort of incline yet, but that's next on my agenda after i can get myself down to 10 minute miles running flat... oh, and i usually watch a movie on my ipod, or a whole bunch of upbeat music videos, so i haven't gotten too bored yet!

Stacia said...

Such a cutie! Breast feeding was tooo hard for me, admiration for ya!

Susan said...

a. Cute pic of Karl and Nate.
b. Brooke is really tall.
c. Your boobs will not only do it when YOUR baby cries, but any baby...so I hear, I didn't have that issue.
d. Keep up the good bf-ing work!
e. Projectile pooping/vomiting and getting peed on are the true initiation rituals of becoming a parent. Congrats! It'll be funny after you get done wiping down the walls and scrubbing the carpet and washing your face 10 times and mouthwashing. :)

Jax said...

Cute pics! It looks like you guys had a good time. :)

Leslie Robus said...

Seriously....I want to come see you all. He is adorable and the pic of Nater Tot w/ Karl is cute!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Yup, seriously good pics, and it's so nice getting updates from you. I miss our daily gmail chats. Not that we did that when we were at work, right? ;)
I love that part in "Riding in Cars With Boys" where the baby pees in her mouth when she's changing a diaper. Makes me laugh.

The Brockintons said...

You guys are my heroes-Nate is beautiful-

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