date night at casa de hills

karl and i had date night last night after the baby went to bed.

it included the following things:
  • a bottle of red wine (ok, a glass for me. i am a pretty cheap date these days.)
  • four toasted brown sugar and cinnamon poptarts
  • the biggest loser 2 hour season opener
I was a happy girl.

Biggest Loser is Family this season - four married couples and four parent/child teams. It's an amazing dynamic and I am pretty excited about it. Oftentimes, they are training with their 'enablers' and i really enjoy watching them overcome their health issues together. i cried ALREADY - several times. it gets me every time! so silly. they estimated one of the 23-year-old's contestants 'inside body age' as 49! One couple lost 47 pounds this week. 47. i love that show. mostly because it promotes exercise and doesn't focus on diet too much. i know it's not realistic to expect the contestants to keep up that level of activity IRL but just getting them started and showing them that ACCOMPLISHED feeling/high after a workout.... i love it. it totally wants to make me become a bad ass trainer like Bob and/or Jillian. More Jillian than Bob, really. Though if I was picking a trainer for myself, I would want Bob. Hmmmm. Whatever. They are both amazing trainers. Ok, sorry off on my tangent. Oh, reality TV. what would i watch without you!?

the baby has been excessively happy and smiley today. i almost got a real laugh out loud moment of him this morning.

last week in STL, cousin Wendy (she is five.) said "His first word is "oooooooooo."

11 weeks, 6 days


Aubrey said...

LOVE the description of date night. My oh my, have we been there. :)

Also very very glad to know that others cry like babies when it comes to Biggest Loser. I only watch three episodes: one close to the beginning of the season, the makeover episode, and the finale. I BAWL on every single one. I just love seeing those fat asses and turkey gobblers (on the chin and under the arms) melt away. So inspirational! :)

Stacia said...

Date night rocks =)