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i must report security at the STL airport = SO NICE. and they helped me repack/rearrange my stuff and the baby... so much easier. and someone on the plane actually offered to help me and the gate dude was not rude. YAY! i can safely confirm i will travel again w/ the babe (though going at it alone ... still a bit rough.)

above a few of the many photos we snapped in the lou - there are more, oh, yes, there are more. but these were some of my favs. mom has some on her camera as well.

this morning is nate's first day of school. i was all prepared not to cry after we dropped him off (karl was a good baby daddy and went with me for the first day.). i totally walked out the door and burst into tears! ha! no tears for his shots, but daycare is a whole other ordeal! he was pretty chill when we left.... i may or may not be counting down the minutes until i go back to pick him up. (we are doing half days this whole week to get used to the morning schedule and then full days next week when i return to work.)

OH, and ALSO, whenever you get the urge to chop off all your hair and you need to do it RIGHT THEN do not, I repeat, go to supercuts. yes, the hair will come off immediately and yes, it will only be $12.95. however, it will look horrible and you will cringe every time the sweet little stylist HACKS into your hair. on a plus note, i was able to donate 10 SOLID INCHES to locks of love. first person who says shit about my mom hair cut will get beat down. i might put up pictures, someday. it looks just awful! ha! but i had the urge and i couldn't wait! you know how i get impatient. plus, i can still pull it back. and well, that is how i roll, after all. oh, well, whatever.

11 weeks, 4 days


melissa said...

good for you for being such a strong mama at the daycare. it'll get easier, won't it?
as for your hair, my sweet, you are braver than i am. you can consider me chopping off my hair equivalent to dropping my baby off for his first day of daycare; that is how out of touch with real life i am. good for you for donating!

kristen said...

oh my gosh! the first day! it will be fine, he will do great, everything is ok. i think the half day thing is a very good idea. by the way, the lr airport does suck, especially when it comes to kids, but fyi the vegas one is worse because they are trying to get hundreds of people through at once and have no patience for 6 year olds asking why we have to walk through security without shoes.

Melissa Brannan said...

Daycare is scary..... but it gets better. Yes, no one does it like mom, but eventually, those caretakers are a close second! :) Tears are okay for awhile.... at least he is young enough and not crying too due to the separation anxiety! Maybe even starting him this young will prevent all of that from ever happening! :) PS. How did he get so huge so fast! He looks so grown up!

Lauryl Lane said...

i LOVE the pun'kin suit! and LOL over your hair... i've SOOOO done that before. live and learn, eh? now if i have the urge to chop (i'm trying to resist that urge right now, actually), i try to go straight over to my stylist... my rule says nobody can cut my hair besides my girl.... so as long as i abide by the rule... ;)

Stacia said...

Precious Pumpkin! Don't cry =( he will love it!

Jax said...


And.. aww.. hooray for you being strong on his first day..and hooray for Karl being there for you. :) I love Nater Tot. You tell those clowns at school that if one hair is EVER messed up on his little head, you have a lawyer friend who will kick some ass b/c he's my vicarious baby. Since I wont have a REAL baby for..um..hopefully awhile.

XOXO! :) Love you and the fam! Post more pics of Nate and the doggies, too, sometime!

Chandle said...

He is getting so big. I can't believe you're back at work already. You're doing great. I can't wait to see you're hair, and I'm sure it's totally cute.

P.S. Looooooove the pumpkin

Susan said...

No fair. I want to see your hair. I'm gonna tell Deni Brock to hang over your desk partition thingy and snap your picture and then post it on her blog if you don't just do it yourself!