i have a ton of thoughts to post!

we are safely in the lou. it is a strictly family trip. we have been hanging with a ton of folks today - nate loves it. he was veeeeeery smiley and AWAKE all day long so i am crossing my fingers he sleeps tonight (very, very cranky baby this evening - i think he was expecting daddy-o and his own bed) ! i am editing some pictures and will post them soon!

ok, on to my nuggets of internet goodness (i have been storing them up so this might be long):

NUMERO UNO: here's a little ditty about BBQ. My dear, darling southern husband taught me that bbq, in fact, does not mean a gathering where hamburgers and hotdogs are cooked on a bbq pit. (it's a grill, i know, i know!) man, pork shoulder slathered in sauce sounds delish right now! there's a preggo craving that hasn't abated. that song made me laugh A LOT. oh what a yankee i used to be about meat.

NUMERO DOS: i accidentally bought those toilet drops ins that are blue. (they make your toilet water blue.) (usually i buy the clear ones.) karl says it like peeing in an old lady's house every time he goes. it makes me giggle and i have to agree. next we shall put specially cut pink fuzzy rugs around the base of the toilets. and place potpourri EVERYWHERE!

NUMERO TRES: karl and i saw THE most adorable movie. SON OF RAMBOW. see it. love it.

NUMERO QUATRO: we STILL haven't bought diapers. PRETTY AWESOME, right!? i mean he is 11 weeks old! (holy crap, he's 11 weeks old?!) (additionally, i do have some cloth nappies that we use sporadically... i just wasn't up to the challenge from the get-go. i am hoping to make them an evening and weekend affair as daycare does not allow them.)

NUMERO, er, (shit, do i have to google this, nope got it: CINCO!) CINCO: speaking of delicious southern delacacies, here is the new fair food. it's oddly intriguing - after all, i do love me a bacon-and-grape-jelly-toast sammy.

NUMERO SEIS (yep, had to look up the spelling of seis. i suck at spanish.) if i was still pregnant, i would want THIS SHIRT!

NUMERO NUEVE: Cycle 11 of ANTM (america's NEXT TOP MODEL) has begun. it is a ridiculous amount of awesome. in the worst way EVA. i am addicted. fantasy league begins after make overs. (can't. wait. for. make. overs.)

NUMERO DIEZ: i would like to mention that karl bought me a gorgeous sapphire and diamond neck-a-lace for our anniversary. he says it is part anniversary, part push present (for pushing out that baby!). The push present part is mostly a joke because we both find push presents a bit ridiculous (yet, oddly, hilarious and something we would like to participate in.) I am still on the hunt for a decent 'catch present!' bet most women don't have to buy their hubbies one of those!

NUMERO ELEVEN-O (yea, i'm sorry): I TOLD YOU MICHAEL PHELPS WAS A d-bag! TOTALLY AWESOME athlete, but i knew he was a skuzz-bag all along! you can't fool me with your long torso and muscly arms mister!

number 12 (i give up.) security was ROUGH today and i may have shed a tear. i realize it is 9-11 anniversary but can't they at least be nice? my ring sling set of the metal detectors and nate and i got a VERY thorough pat down. plus i took some pumped milk through and that was a problem. plus they wouldn't let karl go to the gate with me so i was all by my lonesome. (after TSA sent us BACK DOWN to check in to get a gate pass for him. that they refused to give us.) plus, aparantly on southwest airlines, you don't pre-board with kids. you "family-board" AFTER the entire "a group" boards. and the gate dude is a total prick about it if you try to ask about it and makes you stand there watching the TWO remaining a-groupers get on the plane. i thought people were supposed to be nice to mommas and babies traveling. ALL THAT BEING SAID, nate was an angel on the actual plane. i could sense the wariness in my seat partners, but he proved them wrong by not making a peep the whole flight. (and giving them a few smiles to boot. HA!)

lucky #13. i can tell that i am home because my level of dirty words has increased in volume (it is possible) and spilled over on to the blog. my grandpa (nate's great-gpa!) said "he is so fucking cute" no less than three times today.

pics to follow - here's a little teaser of isabel kathleen and nate patrick.

11 weeks


Rina said...

Addition to Numero Dos - those knitted barbie things to cover up the roll of toilet paper on the toilet tank, plus a matching one to cover the kleenex box!!

Aubrey said...

I am ROLLING thinking of a great-grandpa swearing it up! That is so awesome. :)

Aubrey said...

P.S. I am SO sorry that people were mean to you as you traveled. You're supposed to be NICE to mommies traveling alone with babies! Damn boy, everybody know that.

Susan said...

Ok, I had to open up 2 internet pages so I could thoroughly comment on everything and not forget. As I go back and forth....
a. I sent you that BBQ video. I especially thought of you as I watched it! b. I currently have blue toilet water as well. I usually don't buy drop ins at all, just giving it a try. It reminds me of chruch bathrooms. Cinco: I didn't even click on the link, but saw on the news the new fair food was chocolate dipped bacon. Oddly enough, I'd give it a try. 10. Push present...never heard of it..however I never got around to pushing..how about incision gifts?! 11-Phelps=yucko. I had a feeling he'd go all Lyndsey Lohan with his fame. Groody.

Aubrey said...

P.P.S. I just realized (hours after reading your post) that you unabashedly used the words "fucking" and "shit" on your blog but balked at "douche" and opted for "d-bag" instead. Now I'm laughing all over again. :)

brooke knight said...

okay that pic with isabel is ridiculous cute!

brooke knight said...

HE LOOKS SO BIG. in two freakin' weeks, he looks like he has grown a ton! :)
love to the fam!

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