picnics and gorgeous weather

i do believe i shall complain about the weather less often - the weekend weather was perfection and i enjoyed it. (i guess SADs might not apply to me after all.) we went to a picnic hosted by Birthworks - the organization that provided our childbirth classes and who we found our doula/midwife through. it was very, very fun to see all the slings (well, and the babies in them of course). The above picture of Linda, a natural birth mama whose story inspired me when she came to share it with our class, and her little one Sebastian. (happiest. baby. ever.) she had a looooong labor and an OP baby (baby facing abdomen - some call it sunny side up and it's painful!) and delivered naturally with an awesome support team. it is nice to connect with couples at the same or similar place we are. it is also nice to try and not sound like a desperate stalker - WANT TO HANG OUT??!?! HERE'S MY EMAIL! we don't have a large # of friends with kiddos at the moment and we are looking forward to making some! :)

speaking of childbirth, this article (shared by Maria) caught my attention. how true it is. mostly, it's about the importance of being prepared. (god, i am such a good little boy scout sometimes it makes me sick.)

and, for the record, you do forget the pain! i am already like, 'it didn't hurt
that bad.' (and sometimes i am seriously amazed (still!) that he just exploded out of me.)

today i took darth nater (that is what Karl wants him to be for Halloween by the way. light saber and all. yucko. my vote is a giraffe. please note: we are open to suggestions.) for a walk in his sling. we have been slinging him A LOT in preparation for travel - just to make sure he is super comfy in there. i am getting a leeeetle (read: LOT) nervous about the airplane. say a little prayer for me. and nate's ears with the popping. and the other passengers ears if there is screaming! and that the car seat gets there. and, um, whatever other oh-so-dramatic scenario i have envisioned. deep breathes for me - i know if i remain calm, he will remain calm. right? RIGHT! (ready? o-k.)

oh, and nate's shots were okay. the pedi helped me calm some of my vaccine fears. (read: SOME. still nervous.) nate was pissed - his first shots EVER - but he got over it pretty quick.... has been a little cranky/sleepy all weekend and into today....

and now for some stats: nate's officially weigh in was 12 pounds, 10.5 ounces and 23.5 inches long (isn't it weird how we say long until they can stand and then we say tall? strange, right?)

t-minus two weeks until i return to the 'real world.'

10 weeks, 4 days


the day's said...

i love your funny blog...it always gives me a smile. no worries about traveling with the tater vader. vcd went to dallas via plane when she was quite small and did very well (to my immense surprise). i even did it sans clif...and survived!! hope it goes well.
ohhhh, i would just like to add that you should feel free to come by anytime, and talk as crazy as you dare (after having two kiddos, i doubt you can scare me)! ;)

Aubrey said...

Moms everywhere can totally relate to EVERY SINGLE THING you mentioned in this post. We've all tried not to seem like needy freaks who don't have friends while meeting other moms. We've all reached an impasse with our spouse on something silly like Halloween costumes...or haircuts. We've all agonized about air travel with baby. And I for one have been thinking lately that pregnancy and childbirth was cake. Not that I'm going to do it all again anytime soon. :)

Maria said...

Nater looks so comfie in his sling! yeah!

I'm the same way re: finding friends. FINALLY though my friends are having babies, so now they understand why I can't do dinner at 8 anymore. LOL!

If you have specific questions or want some advice to go in one ear and out the other re: flying with nate, let me know. I took Amari at 3 months intercontinental (Frankfurt to MN) and back at 4 months. Ah hell. We fly A LOT! Period. Alone. No hubby. Nursing will be your best friend... :)

oh and for Halloween. Yoda. Baby yoda. :)

Jax said...

So cute! And I think it's funny that Nate weighs less than Gracie. (people will think Im talking about my baby...when in fact it is my little barking canine friend).

Elizabeth Spann said...

I totally have a saber if Nater needs it for Halloween.
I also have dog costumes. But they're for girls. ;)

Target sells cute baby costumes. You should probably start buying them and dressing him up EVERY day. ;)

I'm totally serious. Hee, hee.

Richard Linihan said...

I had to take my two dogs on a plane once. You can take Jake to the vet and get him aced for the trip, but his eyes will be really red and he will walk into walls when you reach your destination. Did you see my Astros passed your Cards last night? :-) Confirmed bachelor

Kelz World said...

he looks so sweet and peaceful in that last picture, almost zen like. he must be pondering the workings of the world.

aww baby costumes. they have DR and firemen outfits for lil people at toys r us, i think a pea in a pod or a lil devil would be tooo cute. and im with elizabeth, you should dress him up everyday, LOL

Susan said...

Setler is once again gonna be a Davis-hand-me-done for Halloween. It's an Alligator/Crocodile/
Dragon/Dinosaur...it could pass as any of the 4. It's super cool and he reaches for it daily in his closet, but I tell him he has to wait til October 31!
AND...LITTLE MISSY! WE fall into the "friends with kids" category I do believe. Call us to hang out! Matter of fact, what are ya'll doing tonight (9/12)?!