saturday in the park

my funk continues.

i am hoping to snap out of it in time for the weekend.

apologies if you haven't heard from me in days... i am, in fact, alive. (and i am well. we are all well. i really shouldn't complain.)

i also really want some zebra cakes. (ew. who eats those!?)

and an enormous glass of milk.

i miss milk desperately.

(have been cutting back on dairy for the whole nursing thing - think nate has a slight sensitivity to it. (thankfully slight.) it seems to be helping nater boots (with the pimped out gucci suits) BUT god do i miss my 2%. come to think of it, maybe this is the sole cause of my funk.)

also - the rain from gustav appears to be coming to an end, leaving the air much cooler which i should try to ENJOY. instead, i freak out thinking of the impending chilliness... i swear i have seasonal affective disorder. (self-diagnosis is always 100% accurate, right!?)

oh AND plus naters and gravy has his first SHOTS EVER tomorrow (so far we have delayed all and we are not anti-vaccine so don't get your panties in a bunch) at the pedi's office and i want to vomit thinking about it. it's not so much the shots themselves but their aftermath. plus, who the HELL knows what vaccines are necessary and not and too much and not enough and delayed and combined and aluminum... ugh. i don't even want to think about it! how are you supposed to 'take a stand' for your child's medical care when YOU HAVE NO IDEA what any of it means. i read Dr. Sears alternative schedule. I still feel like i have no clue.

ok, sorry, getting heavy there. i am going close my pretty little head and sleep it off.

1o weeks.


Leah Billings said...

I feel for you on the vaccine issue. I'm on my to to being a "healthcare professional" and if I had a kid that I had to get vaccinated tomorrow I would feel very similar to how you do. It just seems to be such a gray area. Yeah, several diseases have been eradicated, but what about preservatives and necessity of ALL of the things they stick them with?? Like you I'm not anti-vaccine. I just hope mothers out there these days take on your commendable position of investigation and education so that we may employ a more all encompassing system of checks and balances with this stuff.

Maria said...

Questioning the vaccines only improves the science, IMO.

I hope you get out of your funk soon. Hugs!

jennifer said...

SADS. try living in milwaukee in the winter, it can't be avoided!

don't worry about the shots. little nater salad will hurt for a minute but stay healthy forever!

Nanna said...

Hey There! I know I always hated the shots for the kiddos too. But, they all had them and just think how much more they know now compared to 1981. I usually gave them a little tylenol before they took the shots. Don't worry about your funk either, it's normal. You'll snap out of it real soon. Thank you for the encouragement on the smoking...103 hours now! Still want one several times a day, but have not given in. One week now till I'm flying to Cleveland Clinic for my heart surgery. Matt and Natalie are due in on Thurs. night and then they will fly to Cleveland on Tuesday to be there during the surgery. Matt always has something calming to say, so that will be good. Love you all!!!!

Susan said...

I was gonna advise the tylenol beforehand too. I only give Setler medicine if I truly think he needs it. And if it can prevent some needless pain, I'm for it. He takes shots like a champ though. Cries for like 1 minute, and he's over it. I just have to be mindful and careful of that little leg during bathing and changing. It's easy to forget, and it's a bit sore for them I think. I'm also confused about vaccines. We've gotten all that are recomended so far. I was afraid of autism. However, that oral Rotatec (sp?) one works cause he was around a little girl with it the other day (before we knew) and he didn't get sick and that is WAY contagious and sucks with vomit and poopoo and yuckiness!