nate's first road trip

we are back and we all survived.

the trip to tulsa was uneventful -we just hung out, ate food, and enjoyed eachothers company. the trip to tulsa was eventful because we got to introduce naterade to the tulsa friend family! it was wonderful (as expected). he tolerated the car ride pretty well. (it took a leeeeeeetle longer than anticipated and he was quite fussy at the end each way.... that is a long time to be strapped in a carseat... thank god i am flying to STL with him in a few weeks. ) he slept pretty well in tulsa and was only moderatly more fussy than normal with all the peoples.

gustav is causing some SERIOUS rain action in the great state of arkansas. it seems to fit my mood today. i don't want to step one foot out the door today.

i have nothing entertaining to tell you. I feel bogged down by cleaning (TOTALLY SPOILED BY THE CLEANING SERVICE we had coming every other week while i was preggo!).

i am just trying to enjoy baby nate in the final weeks before he starts daycare and i start work again. we met his 'teachers' and toured his 'classroom.' it's nice and i feel confident about leaving him there. boo. i am totally bipolar about the whole situation - some days i can't wait to go back to work, some days i can't imagine going back to work. but i am going! i know (for now) it is the right choice for me and our family. sigh.

9 weeks, 5 days


Aubrey said...

The last pic is awesome, but confusing. Is it odd to call a baby a stud-muffin?! My sources say yes.

Hooray for road trips! GO NATE!

melissa said...

going back to work is a big decision, button. but i'm confident that whatever choice you make from here on out regarding your sweet little baby (and future babies to come!) will always be the right one. you are one smart mama. love you. xoxo

brooke knight said...

of course, i agree with both of the above comments. i also must say these two - no three - things.

1) cute cute cute
2) i totally stole all those pics
3) whoooooa, freakshow legs much?


and one more:
4) what a great visit. i love the relaxey ones.

Maria said...

I missed you two! One of these days I'll get to meet nate in person. one of these days. :)

Lauryl Lane said...

that last picture is freaking adorable. he looks like a wise old man with a really great sense of humor. that makes no sense since he's obviously a baby, but whatevs.

Elizabeth Spann said...


And the other two of you, too! ;)

Jax said...

Miss you guys already! I love Nater tot! you're coming back for Homecoming with him, right? I think I remember you saying you are! I cant wait for his little TU outfit! CANT WAIT!

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