seriously disturbing

i don't normally post re: news, but this story has touched the Little Rock community; it is both terrifying and heartbreaking.

Anne Pressley, a 26 year old anchorwoman, for a local channel, passed away this evening after being attacked last weekend. HERE is a link.

there is not much to say. i just can't believe it was an act of random violence.

please pray for her family and friends and this community.


Angela said...

I've been following the story- so tragic. :(

Matt and Natalie said...

I heard about this...I cannot believe she passed away. I feel so horrible for her family & the community. So tragic but hopefully this case does not remain cold.

the day's said...

all i keep thinking about is her mother (who found her)...i CANNOT stop praying for her.

Jennifer said...

sooo sad. I have been following it as well. Just awful.

Susan said...

Very disturbing....so is the UCA shooting that happened last night. What is up with the world?! I'm keeping Setler under my wing forever...well not really, but it's tempting.