what day is it? OCTOBER!!

party in the back, people, party in the back.

3 months, 1 week, 1 day


melissa said...

Awww...he has a neck roll :)

Aubrey said...

Gotta love mullets AND Billy Madison. My favorite part of that segment is that the nudey magazines have such titillating titles as "Drunk Chicks" and "Women Over 80." Hahahaha!

melissa said...

HA. i love it. : )

the day's said...

two days...two DAYS!!! that is how long it took for me to figure out "party in the back". good lord, i am FROM arkansas...how did i not get it! sad, sad, sad, mommy brain rules again.

oh btw...nate is so fab, he can even pull off a mullet. now how many can say that?!

Sarah said...

that is the cutest party in the back that i have ever seen.

Susan said...

ahhhh......the infa-mullet!

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