who are you? who are you?

yesterday i had a "who am i?" moment.

want to know when it was? when nate's teacher handed me a plastic bag full of clothing covered in the poops. (i seriously thought, 'mom! help! what am i supposed to do with this?')

oh. wait. i'm the mom.

then i contemplated just tossing the whole bag in the trash (i didn't.)


i had a baby.

i have to clean him (and his clothing) for years to come.

who knew and didn't tell me!?!?

on another note, my friend an co-worker waynette shot some photos of Nate around 3/4 weeks... you can find them HERE. he looks wittle bitty.

3 months, 4 days


the day's said...

ok...i forgot one thing on my voicemail tangent...how is it that karl's teeth are so perfectly...well...perfect? oh, and nate DEFINITELY has your eyes. he is so stinkin cute!!!

brooke knight said...

so.... i just crapped out several rainbows. those pictures are phenomenal.

Lauryl Lane said...

i knew. being the oldest of eight kids, you kinda figure these "mommy" things out. i didn't tell you because... well... ;) and that is one of the many many reasons i am in no hurry to have offspring any time soon. i will just drool over pictures of darling nate (whose poopy messes YOU get to clean up!) and that is that. ;)

Lauryl Lane said...

and btw, those pictures are incredible. nater was smiling even at that tiny age! and i think... he just keeps getting cuter. so cute then, even cuter now. amazing.

melissa said...

she's skinny amber, not deaf.

sorry about the poopy clothes. i probably would've trashed 'em. this, along with many other reasons, is why i should not be anyone's mommy for some time to come.

baby, mama, and daddy look just adorable in the pics. hills fam = Cute with a capital C.

kristen said...

i remember when jr had that moment...drew was a baby and he had a stuffed up nose. jr picked him up and was holding him in front of his face talking to him. drew totally threw up all over jr's face. it was hilarious and gross and life changing all at the same time. jr had to be a dad and worry about why drew threw up instead of worrying about the throw up in his face.

Jennifer said...

i love the pictures......love them. he might be the cutest baby ever. that is all

Stacia said...

The pictures are beautiful!!

Megan said...

Oh Kat, your family is gorgeous! Are you wearing your blue turtle ring in the pics? Is that a birthmark on Nate's lil tummy? I bet you wanted to order a copy of each because they're all so good. Waynette is so talented.

Anonymous said...

wow...first off your baby is too cute for words!!! secondly, pam (martin) swears by oxi-clean--her little man would have explosive poops up and out the back of his diapers and pam says that using oxi-clean was the only way she could save some clothes. thirdly, yeah your little man is ADORABLE. you are (and will continue) to be a great mom, katie. you continue to set a high standard for the rest of us (though i think your birth-in-a-bathroom will be a one of a kind story).

Sarah said...

oh my gosh, i would have wanted to throw it away too.

that child is too freaking adorable. he is filling out and starting to look soo baby! wish i could have seen him this weekend, i bet he was the hit of homecoming.

Anonymous said...

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