the weekends are for sleeping!

so the internets is a funny place.

last week, i blogged about the biggest loser. (which i love.) within a few hours, i got an email that started like this: "hey kat. I know you just gushed about last night's premiere of The BiggestLoser: Families and how it inspires you so I thought you might want to check out some embeddable bonus video clips that didn't make it into the episode..." and went on to list some links with clips. it was from a real person (i am assuming?!?) but a form email i do believe. i guess they search the internets for references to the show. huh. crazy. right? guess they found me!

so it had me wondering what other search terms get people to my bloggity. (google analytics is fun for finding this out.)

below is a list of my absolute favorites (there were a lot! but it doesn't necessarily mean people clicked on the blog, just that it came up somehow in a google search. i don't really know HOW it works so don't ask me. my commentary in parantheses after the search terms.)

the best part about this is that people actually went to google and typed these things in.

bringing home baby designer outfits (lots of searching for this with various search terms/phrases. i like this one because it uses the word 'designer' in reference to karl's GLORIOUS coming home outfit.)
27 week baby belly (there were a lot of these... maybe one for every week of pregnanacy)
longest toes in the world (nate will possibly be a contender. karl is for sure.)
getting peed on (we can only hope this person was speaking of child pee pee.)
alien poop pictures (um, WHO SEARCHS FOR THIS!?!)
babies do not have knee caps? (baby+kneecaps accounted for about 25% of the search engine terms. THEY DON'T HAVE THEM PEOPLE. GET OVER IT. well, actually, i believe they do have them, they just aren't all bone-ey until older. i don't know. google it.)
bootie kat (um......)
brooke licking kat (i promise you will find this phrase together NO WHERE on this blog so don't you go searching the archives, you dirty minded folks.)
can you have a baby at 37 weeks on a full moon (well, i would assume that you can. do you want to?)
dress up woh (WOH. that is all.)
dress you up in my love (all over, all over.)
hooterific amy (oh amy! who are you and why are you hooterific? Someone is LOOKING FOR YOU!)
hot preggo pics (well, i like to think i looked pretty hot but hopefully not "hot" in a sick way.)
how to comb an afro (no idea! i don't know how!)
hugging/ schedule (because in current society, we must schedule our hugs.)
i am tired of being pregnant (oh, well, this one... we all know what happened after i posted this one. i went into labor the next day! so, to whoever googled this... i hope you had your baby.)
i can't find my camera cord (why would you google this? google is not going to help you find your camera cord. go freaking look for it!)
i live in a pineapple (yep. me and sponge bob.)
who live in a pineapple under the sea (i just told you. who live there is me. and sqaurepants. keep up.)
jicama okay to eat when pregnant (the word "jicama" got me a lot of search hits. it's fun to say. and, clearly, no one knows what it is. but it is, in fact, ok to eat while preggo!)
jicama tastes nasty (does it? i still don't know. it was my fruit of the week / baby size at some point during my pregnancy.)
cantalope okay to eat when pregnant (oh for heaven's sake.)
karl the alien (he does have his moments.)
me knee caps don't work (weeee bit of a problem, methinks.)
nothing to say la la la myspace (nothing to say so let's google JUST THAT. clearly this person has too much time on their hands.)
one day daddy gone to find out shes in love with a brother from the streets (He'll see me as a person.... and not just a black man. (lyrics to I BELIEVE love is the answer for all those who didn't catch that. i love that song.))
picture of a white alien (can we assign race to aliens?)
pregnant woman freak (this is EITHER about me throughout my pregnancy or describing the moment i realized i was in labor.)
scale of bitchiness (well, let's not go there.)
she's a working with a bootie (nater's gotta eat.)
show me some guns (um.... did you get your tickets? i guess....)
the duck dance at weddings (HA! someone googled it. It IS the duck dance not the chicken dance. Google says so and Google's word is GOSPEL.)
what does a women look like if there pregnant (oh, trust me, you will know.)
when do you get knee caps? (WHEN?! WHEN!?)
horrifying births (this one makes me sad as my birth was anything but horrifying. nope. it. was. awesome.)
coy cabbage (i have found that cabbages are often coy.)

so, there you have it, folks. an entertaining look at my analytics. (the word analytics makes me happy. if i had a band, our name would definately be 'google analytics'. which would probably be illegal. making it that much cooler.)

so people totally are able to find you with the click of a button. good thing i'm not running for office, huh? for the record, i would never put anything on the bloggity i didn't want to share with the whole wide world. er, world wide web.)

3 months, 2 days.


Maria said...

I LOVE how nate is holding on to you while he is sleeping! And how HUGE is he. Wow! :)

Leah Billings said...

Sooo sleepy...and cute-tastic.

Some of those search parameters made me laugh--a lot! Makes me curious about my own blog. I may just have to go do my own analysis.

Jennifer said...

soooo cute. can't wait to see the little man this weekend!!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

I love his plaid outfit, btw.

Ummm, HOW did you do that analysis? That is completely hilarious. I wanna do it. Tell me how! ;)

Susan said...

How did you get those? I'm with Elizabeth. You and Karl are too computer savvy for me!

Meredith said...

This post cracked me up. God bless Google Analytics. My two personal favorites:

"me knee caps don't work" (i can just picture a really old man all depressed as he types this in...)

"i can't find my camera cord" (I thought the same as you--why the HELL would you go to the internet for help with this one?)

Fun post. :)

Anonymous said...

haha.. AW! Cute photos...and wow.. those search terms made me nervous for some people..haha..