i have no pictures here at work

i rarely do birthday posts, but I am obligated for my darling husband, right? RIGHT!

here are the oh-so-fun links of BIRTHDAYS PAST:

2005: 25 (click on black bar to see image)
2006: 26 ( i like-ah this one.)
2007: 27 (this one is fun too.)

man, we have been blogging awhile, huh?

and now, 2008.

things have changed a lot in this past year but one thing hasn't. you are old. no, just kidding.

i love my ninja. (that's the thing that hasn't changed in case you didn't get that.)

in fact, i may go as far to say I LOVE him more than last year. it's not every hubby who can deliver his own child and remain perfectly cool and collected while doing so... and, well, he looks pretty darn cute holding his offspring. again, like last year, we shall let him live to see another birthday.

and with that, i think we shall be a ninja vs. pirate for halloween this year. and nater? he shall be cute pirate booty.

oh, and natey natey nater nate is officially THREE MONTHS today as well.

3 months. (i am going to stop counting in weeks now. i think.)


Susan said...

I sent you that "Vacations" thingy. Funny stuff, huh?

Pirate all the way, baby. I'm kinda obsessing over pirates lately though. We're gonna build Setler a playhouse in the backyard, and I want it to look like a pirate ship. Seth thinks I'm wierd and wants to do a regular fort/house.

melissa said...

first things first: i would rather be a pirate ANY DAY.

okay, now that that's out of the way, happy birthday to kaptain karl. you will always be older than me, and that's why we'll probably always be friends. remain on east outer 40. happy bday. : )

brooke knight said...



Your Three Month Old Son, Nate Patrick Hills, also rules. (that still is a tiny bit weird to say, but awesome.)

i think that is a great halloweenie idea.


in addition to being a ninja, karl is a mountain man. perhaps he's not often scruffy with facial hair and wearing flannel, but he is always like, making and building and fixing things in a very manly way.

end rant!

melissa said...

Happy Birthday Karl!

the day's said...

oh lord...i have to number.
1. happy bday karl.
2. glad to see you survived the first week.
3. did i ever tell you we used applesauce instead of canola oil?
4. be grateful for the jumpshot, INSTEAD we have an underwear shot. (i'll email it if need be.)
5. thanks for (semi) promising not to ever say he is 29 weeks. i cannot do the math that fast! ;)
oh and 6. ninja, but only because all black is more slimming than stripes, right?!

Lauryl Lane said...

happy birthday, karl!