lucia has a pretty mama.

the baby showers have begun. ready? go! little lucia will be here in approximately 6 weeks. nate can not wait to meet his future girlfriend.

brooke made the most darling watermelon fruit baby carriage thingey. i just love it so.

some photos courtesy of jax! more on her bloggity.

some of us plan (jenny), some of us make the foods beautiful (brooke), and some of us take pictures (jax). it is really the perfect combination. right?

i have a lot to say, really, but my fingers aren't typing my thoughts correctly, so i will leave you with this: i adore my tulsa girls. in addition to the shower, jenny, brooke, and i spent most of the weekend on the couch in our pajamas. thursday before i left i spent the evening with my arkansas girls. awesome. it was one of the happiest weekends i have had in a while.

moral? go out and send love notes to your girlfriends. pretty sure i couldn't make it without mine.


Jax said...

Aw! We are kinda a perfect little group, aren't we! But uh.. you forgot to add your thug artistic talents. Just sayin. ;) Kidding. Loved getting to see you and Nate!! I cant wait to hear more about everything going on in Arkansas. ;) XOXO

melissa said...

awww... nate has a pretty mama, too. :) looks like you guys had so much fun!!! xo

the day's said...

ohhh sunday post, i love it! and do my eyes deceive me or does mr. nater have on my mr. b's shirt? don't you love 97 cent old navy sale?! (fyi there is no "cent" key on the computer...who knew?)

Aubrey said...

Could Nate BE a little cuter?! Loved the comments about girlfriends and share your sentiments exactly. I'll admit that I teared up a bit thinking about how I'm moving thousands of miles away from all the gals I know and love. Thank goodness for the cyber-closeness of the interweb. :)

Jennifer said...

haha! So funny I just posted on my blog and was saying how it was one of the best weekends in a long time and then came over and read yours which basically said the same thing. I can't imagine my life without you guys! Love you

Lauryl Lane said...

so much fun! love the pictures... who hosted? is that Jenny's house? it's lovely, whoever's home it is... and i am loving brooke's food art. awesome. everyone looks so pretty and happy! yay!

brooke knight said...

i agree - it was such a lovely weekend.

Sarah said...

thanks for making the drive with nater-tot and making my day so special.

Susan said...
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