for inauguration day

i got a free abortion doughnut from Krispy Kreme (i did! for real!) and some obama condoms.

(I am not making light of the Inaugural Proceedings.)

(Though i did like that the actual swearing in was butchered in 18 ways. if i was barack or michelle i might have giggled up there on that podium.)


melissa said...

the abortion doughnuts just handed me the biggest laugh of my young adult life. HA. people. are. RIDICULOUS. although i did hear that our new president will actually be performing abortions himself, in a muslim mosque, on the high holy days, while burning crosses and making deals with terrorists. god bless america. xo

Jennifer said...

People. are. ridiculous.

Maria said...

Obama condoms? LMAO! That's awesome! Sign me up!

Maria said...

P.S. I totally would have flubbed up that oath. Dude put like five sentences out there. LOL!

the day's said...

i was going to be funny....but let me just add a big ol' "AMEN!" to my sweet gal mmmmelissa.

Aubrey said...

I wanted to be funny too! But M-m-m-melissa is not to be outdone. Kat's post cracked me up, but Mmmmm's comment almost made me pee my pants. I plan on ripping that line off at the first opportunity. :)

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