there comes a time in every parents life

when THIS (see above) is necessary.


The Smiths said...

At least it wasn't a pink bunny rabbit suit (Ralphie).

Jennifer said...

he's so cute

Maria said...

He's adorable in his suit. It could have been a dress...

Lauryl Lane said...

adorable. he just keeps getting cuter... what an angelic little face. i want to kiss the computer screen. er. those cheeks.

Ashley said...

omg, that. is. adorable!!!! I want to squeeze his puffy pink cheeks! He will thank you for this when he gets his first girlfriend and you pull these out to show her!!

Scott and Jessica said...

agreed! :)

sdhorton said...

I just want to pick him up and hug him in that last picture! Pitiful face but it is fun to dress them up!

Chandle said...

so necessary!

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