nuggets of internet goodness post!

nate needs these. 7 months. that isn't too young for ear piercing, right?

nate also needs dirt. dirty. (sing it like Christina Aguilera.)

what else have i found in the interwebs lately?

four more months of ads re: digital tv 'switchover.' boo on that.

for the preggos: midwife article.

what else?

is it just me or are these a little creepy for everyday use? maybe not quite snuggie creepy...

an interesting article about healthcare reform. it is long, but worth the read. (i think anyway.)

here is a fun ninja keychain.

further proof that girls are, ahem, evil. wow, texas, wow. how could their fans (and parents!) even watch this without feeling like horrible people? i mean, i am all about competition (i consider myself a former athlete ☺) but, seriously, there is a concept called 'sportsmanship' and more people need to grasp it. i hope this PRIVATE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL coach gets fired.

in tv land:
boo on the biggest loser's portrayal of birth. ha. dad walks in through OR doors, two seconds later walks out OR doors with a clean little bundle and declares "it's a boy!" so very realistic. i realize the show is about weight loss not birth, but come on. also, kurt warner on BL? loved it.

lost. whatever. i can't decide whether i am in love with or in hate with that show. kate makes me want to punch my hand through my television. much like ms. 'i'm-all-dark-and-twisty' mere mere on gray's anatomy. (which i no longer watch.)

private practice. um. i didn't just cry at private practice last week. i sobbed. like my best friend was dying. it was ugly.

ugly betty. delish as usual. though the rumors that it is being cancelled? SO SAD.

how i met your mother. not new this week. sad. my favorite sitcom on air. ever.

it's always sunny in philadelphia. (netflix.) just watched the 'dennis and dee get a new dad' episode. wow. so wrong yet so funny.

well i am getting WORDY, so i hope you could relate to at least one of these little blurbs...

gossip girl

(this is where i realize i watch too much tv after the baby is asleep! thank you, dvr!)

(this is also where i realize the AR weatherpersons have LIED AGAIN and I will be going to work tomorrow. but nate PROBABLY won't go to daycare (he didn't go today.) ☂ All we have seen is RAIN ☂ and they keep lessening the inclement weather forecast. DAMN THE PANIC (and the hope!).)

7 months, 1 day


Maria said...

I never worried about The Boy eating dirt. A healthy immune system is important.

Baby capes-- google car seat poncho. Just do it. LOL!

100-0 is not just wrong-- it's disrespectful of the opponent and disgusting. Shame on them.

What? Ugly Betty is being canceled? My night is ruined. Well, maybe not, but I like that mindless show!

sdhorton said...

I am a little embarrassed to admit to this but there have been times after seeing the snuggie comercial that I have thought I would like to have one of those. I admit the add seems ridiculous. My husband makes fun of me for wanting one!

sdhorton said...

Oh, why does Kate make you so angry? I like her. I know she can be a little slutty going back and forth with Jack and Sawyer. I am liking the show and getting some answers to what has been going on. Even though the answers are bizarre.

melissa said...

honestly, i don't have an issue with the 100-0 shutout. i saw this on yahoo the other day, and i think that coach did get fired. but really, with no mercy rule in place, i think this is not the fault of the coach or the players. if there was no teasing or taunting, then i don't see any problem with playing to the best of your abilities, even when it's clear that you've already won. if they'd slacked up on the other team, it seems like the lesson they'd be learning is "it's okay to give up when you've reached the 'good enough' mark." maybe (probably) that's just me.

katandkarl said...

yea, but if you were on that losing team... i mean why would a crowd even cheer about a 100 point deficit. (i imagine eerie silence in the gym! ha! it probably wasn't that way at all.) i don't think it is teaching them to 'slack' per say just to be gracious winners. even college sports but in their 2nd and 3rd strings when they are winning big....

melissa said...

if i were on the losing team, i would probably cry like a little b*tch with a skinned knee. BUT, i'd like to think that i wouldn't expect the other team to forfeit after they'd won or fire their coach just because my team wasn't any good. who knows? maybe i just feel this way because i spent years playing basketball for a nazi coach and had "win win win" drilled into my head as a teenager. :)

brooke knight said...

i didn't read your link, but didnt that school that won by 100 play a school with disabled students? perhaps i will read it to check that out. i do think it was bad sportsmanship at the HS level. it's slightly different when you're trying to get a BCS rating in football or something... anyway i like all your internet tidbits!

melissa said...

as far as i know, i think the school specializes in teaching kids with ADD and dyslexia, which, and please correct me if i'm wrong, shouldn't reeeeally affect one's basketball skills. ???

katandkarl said...

agreed on the ADD and dyslexia...shouldn't affect their athletics, right? but way to go main stream media on making everyone think they are "disabled". further proof the media are a-holes?!?!?! ;)

katandkarl said...

also "is dyslexia a disability" is aparently a HIGHLY popular search topic - 1.38 millions searches are shown for it.... so i guess that is arguable too. ;)

melissa said...

jeezum crow... is left-handedness a disability too? oh god, i'm going to shut up now. someone's going to get PISSED and blow up my house. :)

Maria said...

Physical versus learning disability... interesting debate could rage on.

Nanna said...

Hi Hills Family!

Maybe because you are such a wonderfull little momma, little nater tater is so healthy and happy he does not have any pain from his tooth! I was looking for coupons for diapers for our little granddaughter Lainey and came across an idea that I have never heard of, so I thought I would run it by the most informed moms I know on the ole bloggerspot....Elimination Communication??? Hmm.....teaching infants to potty on cue? Start using the cue word, like Psssttt at birth. I know, I'm old all i can say is...if this works it is AWESOME! Love you all. I want to come to Little Rock and hang out with the baby!!!

jennifer said...

Thank you for this post. I had twenty minutes to kill before hair cut. Also please have karl look into this. For Halloween or just for funsies. We couldn't get anyone to do it. Begreenman.com

♥Joy♥ said...

I think I agree with Melissa. I was reading the article trying to figure out what the heck the big stink was about. I mean, it's a sport, and yeah, if I'd been on the losing team, I probably would have been embarrassed and upset and felt shown up, but as Mel said, if it wasn't done in a rude and making fun of them manner, then should this team really have had to forfeit and fire their coach? That seems a little stupid to me...a game's a game no matter what. So what if the score was lopsided...isn't that what the point of the game is...to win? IDK...maybe it seems a bit harsh, but I just don't agree with this one bit. Losing teams should get some backbone and take it as a challenge for the next time. There comes a time/age where we need to prepare our kids for the fact that life isn't all about "everyone getting a trophy" or "everybody's a winner!" JMO =D

Anonymous said...

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