dance dance dance

daycare forgot to feed my baby a bottle yesterday.

the director ignored my phone call (to her) about it. (an employee called me back and we talked about it.)

(honestly, i wouldn't be so riled up if they would have handled it better.)

they are switching rooms and teachers again. and they don't want nate to go with his favorite teacher. (i asked. figured it couldn't hurt. (his teacher suggested i ask.))

mama is OFFICIALLY looking for a new child care solution. thoughts?

the people at his daycare are, truly, wonderful and caring folks. and it is a positive environment. i just feel the need for some stability for my child. i wonder if any of the other mamas at his daycare have similar issues. am i the only one?!?! maybe i am just crazy.

some folks at work made me very angry today.

not even a cold domestic beer made it better.

i just don't understand why people can't do their jobs. (and, maybe, why i feel like i have to do it for them? can i please not feel like an assistant to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD my whole life?)

i am anxiously awaiting some other news... that would make karl and i very happy. (non pregnancy or baby related thank you very much.)

karl and i were hoping that 2009 would be The Year of Change. And it will be. But right now, as we are on the brink of the dreaded month of February, it doesn't feel like it.

(but it will be. because we will make it so.)

(that last little parenthesis is me being positive. cause i need to be.)

is this week over yet?


Unknown said...

Call me if you want to hear about the day care at Our House--a bit unconventional, I know, but we're definitely planning on using it until Baby Edwards is about 2 or 3.

Maria said...

Um, how do they forget to give him a bottle? My advice-- find a new place that works for you and your situation. Oh, and there is nothing wrong with being the squeaky wheel to get what you baby needs. I had to be with the bm AND the first spot switching rooms/teachers all the time. My new spot doesn't do that so much. It's nice and good for the boy.

Work made me angry today too... maybe we were on the same wavelength.

Hugs to you too sista.

Lauryl Lane said...

how can they fail to give him his bottle? isn't that some sort of criminal negligence? i think you have every right to be peeved. i'm sure you'll find something that is a perfect solution for your family... soon! maybe even in february and then it won't be such a bad month? (january and february ALWAYS suck. not to be debbie downer, but, well... grrr.)

Anonymous said...

Nate likes bottles. He cannot communicate that at this point in his life, making you his bottle-liking advocate. Those teachers would be hard pressed to skip their pb and j without being up in arms. You have every right to be mortified. As for being everyone's assistant...it is the curse of kind, generous, smart people. And you, sadly, fit the bill. I predict there will come a day when you do not feel like that on a regular basis. Because in addition to those three positive traits, there are about 1,000 more!

melissa said...

i got you, girl. xo

sdhorton said...

If the daycare is so chaotic from changing up things to forget a bottle feeding, they are too chaotic. I would be real upset and they would know about it. You did the right thing for sure! I am curious about what the new positive news might be!?!?! I hope everything works out for you!

Anonymous said...

I had to leave a daycare because of the same thing... stability. My Nate loved his teacher so much. Then one day she was gone to another room or he was switched to another room – it has been almost 14 years ago – I can't remember the fine details. But I do remember the days and days of my child being upset about daycare – which was upsetting to Todd and I. So when his favorite teacher left that daycare – we hired her to take care of our Nate. We were lucky. She was a good person to love and watch out for the love of my life for many years until he started school.

sorry about work too!

– waynette

The Smiths said...

the director DIDN'T call you back- if you ask me, you are being very rational about the whole situation. but you're a smart girl and a wonderful mommy and will make the right decision. and yes the week is over!