well dearest interwebs

thank you for letting me be raw and real and belt it all out!

here is some more:

i did NOT get the job i interviewed for last week (yea, i know, sorry i didn't tell you.)

i wasn't really looking for a job until this interview presented itself. then i got myself all hopped up on mountain dew about it, and, well here we are.

i am embarrassed.

i thought i nailed the interview. (i still think i did.)

in my heart, i still feel like i am the best candidate for the job (of course!) and that it is their loss.

i may have gone home and cried about it for a few hours minutes.

but now i am back at work: thankful i have a job (with benefits), a great marriage (with benefits), and a beautiful, healthy child.

(but i can still be sad.)

(and binge drinking is acceptable in this situation, yes?)

that is all. carry on.


Jennifer said...

Totally their loss. I am sorry. I know it sucks when you don't get a job you really want.

On a positive note you do have the cutest child ever born, so there's that.

melissa said...

love love and BIG hugs, darling. call me if you want to commisserate... or spell things incorrectly. i (clearly) can be good at both. xo

Lauryl Lane said...

i'm sorry, i'm sure it was their loss. it's totally okay to be disappointed and cry. i haven't even gotten an INTERVIEW for a job yet and i've been trying for a month, so... i do understand. chin up. things will get better! they have to, right? ;)

Jax said...

Boo. I'm sorry, friend. :( But, you have a great job and a great family. And..and..and.. Basically, Im just sayin you rock. Huge hugs. :)

Maria said...

Nothing wrong with a drink. :)

Leslie Robus said...

So their loss....they didn't give it to the chick that brought someone else to the interview did they!

brooke knight said...

i say drink heavily! er.....responsibly! yeah, that's what i meant to say....

Anonymous said...

kat...no, no, no... you can't leave us at work! we need you...i mean, who's going to be there to absorb the brunt of the ashtray smoke stack that comes wafting in the front door? who else can i count on to regularly send me shutterstock awesomeness?? only you, at.

i'm glad you're sticking around. seriously.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Kat! Sorry about the job thing. I have felt that way plenty of times. I guess it's like dating and eventually you'll find "the one" and you'll be so glad you didn't end up with the "wrong one." Yeah, I just realized how fluffy that sounded. Maybe just cry about it and be bitter. That works for me too : )

Lauren R

Anonymous said...

P.S. I bookmarked your blog a few years ago and I refuse to update the bookmark name it assigned at the time. It still says "Kat and Karl 2006..." and I love that! 3 years and counting!

Lauren R