positive patty

ahem. collective awwwwww please. ;)

positivity is shining through. and i shall share.

two baby boys were born yesterday - karl's sister kristen delivered a healthy little boy 6lbs, 11 oz...i believe the final name is ryan christopher. and some coworkers welcomed jackon hunter to the world (a bit early) at 3lbs 7oz. my sources tell me that both babies are happy and busy getting loved and kissed. i love the thought of both of these families going through the emotions and awesomeness of birth on the same day in cities across the country. (and it happens everyday!)

oh babies. you make the world go round.

i had to find a pic of nate from day 1. he is approximately 12 hours old in that shot.


melissa said...

babies babies babies! they are good for the environment. : )

Aubrey said...

Love the before and after pics of Nater Tot. Babies DO make the world go 'round. After finding out that we've got a second girl on the way, I want to have FIVE MORE. :)

P.S. Nick wants to know if you and Karl are a-ok with us referring to our littler baby girl as "Kater Tot."

Sarah said...

oh poor nater-tater. though i am not quite there yet, i can relate to your daycare woes. i paid a waiting list fee today, made my tummy hurt. the lady said it is harder on us than it is on them...

loved that freaking fabric, btw.

Sarah said...

i like positive patty. love healthy babies being welcomed into this world!

care said...

so...if you were negative nancy earlier and now you're positive patty...does that make you in-the-middle ida? irene? what other i names are there?

congrats to the new lives and sorry for the daycare woes--hopefully the daycare stuff will sort itself out soon.

Scott and Jessica said...

Love that pic...it needs to be framed and kept forever. So sweet!