negative nancy

wow. negative is the best word i can use to describe my work environment at the moment. wow. i myself am guilty of being uber-negative this week and complaining about A LOT. it just feels like no one wants to help anyone out and everyone wants to point the finger. i realize i am speaking in broad generalities here, but it has been a bit of a busy and frustrating week. i was hoping to start 2009 with a better work attitude but am struggling to find the patience. toxic.

eh, boring stuff, i know!

here is some more boring stuff:

nate has also been getting TERRIBLE reports from daycare this week. (read: he cries "all the time" there and refuses to or is unable to nap for an extended period. and i am pretty sure they aren't exagerrating b/c i go over for lunch and he is hoarse and hiccupey like he has been tearful.) i realize that we are coming off a two week break where he was with us or family and friends all the time, but still. please understand i am not blaming *yeech* or accusing them of causing his tears (really i feel somehow, possibly irrationally like the "blame" falls on me as a parent.) i just think maybe it is time for a change. he is generally a pretty happy dude at home. i think he is too young to really "hate daycare," but i am going to start looking around at other options/daycares. i really like the people at his daycare, but i just don't know that his needs are being fully met there. my mama instincts say no. however, then i wonder: would i feel that way about any daycare? maybe. maybe not. this is the first year of operation for this particular program, and things are changing there constantly. they expanded the program, opened a new classroom, switched the kids around, switched the teachers around. i know they are trying to find what works best for them and that is great for them, not so great for me (well, for nate who is an extension of me). i don't know! i am just blabbering about it. it helps to write it out. thanks for listening, dear internets.

we did take him to the doctor today for his 6 month appointment and shots (yea, yea, a little late.) He weighed in at a whopping 18 lbs and 12 ounces and is 27 inches long. i have no idea what these statistics mean or where they are on the percentile scale, but the doc said he was just wonderful and growing. now let me tell you about his shots. he had an oral vax (for rotavirus) and he ate it up like it was candy. he had two shots today. big needles. didn't cry for the first one (turned a bit red and had a look of wild concern on his little face). cried for like two seconds with the second shot. i picked him up and he SMILED. shit you not. (sorry for the cursing but we had just finished talking to the doctor about his 'crying issues' at daycare.) seriously i would tell you the truth if he cried. no lies on this blog. HOW does he cry all day at daycare but stick a big freaking needle in his leg and he sheds not one tear. (I DONT GET IT BABY. PLEASE LEARN HOW TO TALK AND TELL ME ALL YOUR FEELINGS.)

so, anyway, yea. this blog is self-involved and pretty much sucks. deal with it. i can't be witty and charming ALL THE TIME.

6 mo, 1 wk, 5 days


melissa said...

poor little guy... and poor mama. if he was a little smaller maybe you could just keep him in your pocket... i trust your mama instincts, kat. you are one smart cookie. do what you think is right, and it will be right.

p.s. would've loved to have seen the "red-faced, wild concern" reaction. xo

Maria said...

If they are not being consistent at daycare with the people, he will hate it. I mean, think about it. Tiny baby + new person handling him all the time + no consistency = confused, scared baby! Oh, and always trust your mommy instinct. It will lead you in the right direction. :)

Emily R said...

I dont know much about this stuff...I am just figuring it out as I go, and I am 3 months behind you. I did, however, read something that said "separation anxiety" starts at about 6 months. That before 6 months, they are pretty much happy with anyone who treats them well, but at 6 months, a little "mama and daddy" switch goes off where they really prefer to be with us. Not a solution, but maybe a better understanding of the problem??

Trust your instincts, you definitely know best, but i thought i would give you that little tidbit of info.

Lauryl Lane said...

i'm sorry about work, kat. that's really frustrating. hope it gets better SOON. as for nate... he does seem awfully young to be hating daycare, especially if he's a happy baby most of the time... i say trust your instincts, too. or get a nanny cam to send with him to make sure he's being properly cared for. i think nanny cams are genius. ;) speaking of nannies... would it be terribly more expensive to get a nanny to be with him at home? since i used to nanny and it didn't pay all that well, i'm guessing not. ;) if you're interested, i can send you the info for the agency i used to book through. they're a nation-wide website with really high standards for their nannies. just another possible option...

Amy, David, Caroline, Corbin and Cohen said...

I know exactly what you mean. Caroline went for her shots yesterday and didn't even get red, she got two shots in her left leg and one in her right. But, she cries at other things. David and I always say what are you trying to tell us, so frustrating. Good luck with the child care option. I was taking Caroline to MDO when we saw you guys at Paren't Night Out, they are closing due to not having enough kids, so Caroline is home with me all day, which I love, but it is hard to work full time. I am terrifed of how I am going to get any work done with two little ones!!

Sarah said...

just realized i put a comment about nater on the wrong post. oops.

negative nancy has to come out every once in a while. it's a-ok.

Susan said...

Be at SAHM! Setler still cries when I leave him at MDO-it's been 4 1/2 months now. I'm sure he stops by the time I reach the parking lot, so they tell me, but still. Today...only a little whine!

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