things you learn when you have a shite-y sleeper baby

1. your husband is VERY poor at reading lips when one of you is holding a sleeping babe. VERY poor.

2. your dogs don't actually understand "come here" when you wave your hands around like a windmill b/c their collars are jingling. (to get them in the other room)

also, i have two mosqito bites (!!) from the 77 degree day of playing saturday and today there is ice on the trees!


Maria said...

*hugs mama, hugs*

sdhorton said...

My dog follows me in Nash's room. Usually goes to sleep but there are times right as Nash is going back to sleep he decides to scratch really loudly with his foot thumping the floor which of course wakes up baby. My husband does not know how to wisper or read lips, he just comes in there talking normal like I am not trying to get a baby to sleep. I totally feel ya.

sdhorton said...

By the way, thanks for responding to my BFing questions. I guess it is different for everyone. I keep going back and forth about weaning him and I will before too much longer. It is very stressful to think about and I think most of the stres and worry is not necessary. I hope the weaning process goes well and is not too painful on either of us! I have read that really most doctor's say you need to for the first 6 months and afterwards they support it. So, you gave him what he needs and can be proud of that. I know I am. Weird that there is so much pride associated with having breastfeed.

Anonymous said...

I am super annoyed. Wrote a LONG comment on my phone and it never posted. not sure I will retype it all but we'll see.

sdhorton-- I was trying to keep this off kats blog ' cause I know she knows, but your statement on bf is not completely accurate and others might be readin this and taking it as truth. Various medical groups in the US have different positions. I'll be flying from memory here, but the positins are summarized nicely on kellymom.com and the site has a search feature.

AAP recommends six months of exclusive bf and continuing on to at least a year. AAFP recommends a year and as long as mutually desirable thereafter. I forget which, but one has a state.ent out that weaning before two puts the child at an increased risk of illness. WHO and UNICEF recommend nursing until at least two and then as long as mutually desired. Those are just the statements on bf from the childs perspective. there are additional benefits to mother (and baby).

You (general you, not specific) have to make your own decision, but hopefully it is informed with factual information.

this is maria btw. phone won't let me sign in right now to post under my name.