..ain't got a clue... why my cutlass blue

so one of things i love about going to st. louis is the blues, cardinals, and rams gear we get for the babe.

for sunday pics this week you get a St. Louis EXPLOSION! cute, right? i can't wait for baseball to start again! hopefully, nater-tot remembers all those games we watched in utero (why did pregnancy make me OBSESS about baseball!? we shall never know!) i am expecting Nate Nater to be a big fan thank you very much.

i am feeling optimistic about 2009 today. today i am updating the calendar, doing laundry, making a roast, hanging with the baby... my goals (not a big "resolution" person) this year are to simplify life as much as possible, spend more time 'unplugged' with my husband and babe, and enjoy the year. and, maybe, talk about another baby. we both have several career goals this year, so the whole baby thing will depend heavily on those! karl says "let's make it through nate's first birthday first." (before we talk about having another.) i say "ok!" AND you better believe we will be having a big party for his birthday! I am not a huge birthday celebrator but year one gets a party for sure! Mark your calendars for June 26. i will probaby decorate the blue bathroom. (maybe he should have his cake in there - that is where he had his first meal after all!)

you know it's 2009 when you whip out your iPhone, find youtube, and pull up a Baby Einstein video to distract Nate.

his 6 month appointment is this week (a little late b/c of the holidays!). i expect nothing shy of "perfectly healthy" from the doc. (please lord.)

6 months, 1 week, 2 days


melissa said...

AHHHHH!!! that first picture makes me want to give him a squeeze. : )

Maria said...

If you post any more smiley pics, I am going to STEAL him!!!

sdhorton said...

Nash likes seeing pictures of Nate. He's thinking "that little boy could be my friend". Can't believe you are thinking about another one already. That thought scares me right now. If we do have another one, we will probably wait a couple of years. Good Luck to you.

Lauryl Lane said...

adorable. but thinking about having another? really? wow.

Sarah said...

great sunday night pics! babies, babies, babies: make 'em and love 'em! love the birthday party in the bathroom, love it.

melissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott and Jessica said...

I love that his smile matches the cardinals! :) So cute.

Stacia said...

LOL party in the bathroom eh? Love the blue outift!

Susan said...

The ol another baby talk. We keep having it, deciding our course of action...then changing it...then going back and chainging it back...then altering it. Basically, we don't know what we're gonna do about el numero dos yet.

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