safe. (say it like an umpire.)

so, karl and i may LOOK happy to be ringing in 2009 together, but I can assure you our brief jaunt to OKC for a dear friends wedding was fraught with ridiculousness after ridiculousness.

(small example: we thought we would go put the baby down between the wedding (which we took him to and i spent in the cryroom) and reception at sarah&matts (where we were staying; they graciously housed us and offered to keep an eye on the babe) so we could hit the reception sans baby but it took over an hour to put him down, then we got semi-lost in the NYE craziness thanks to our oh-so-new and awesome GPS....and didn't get to the reception until, oh, 11.) (there is more but i will spare you the details.)

it was worth it to go and see the big, happy smiles from both matt and natalie (ze bride and ze groom), but MAN are we running on low today. (and we both have to work tomorrow catching up on being out Wednesday AND daycare is still closed tomorrow! yea!) i wouldn't have changed going - the wedding was beautiful and we are so happy for these two. we are lucky to have wonderful friends.

i think we realized traveling with nate is harder on all of us than we realize (especially in the car) and doing it back to back (with stl last week) and throwing in - oh i don't know - the HOLIDAYS - is trying. plus, does anyone else think the way Christmas and New Years fell this year SUCKED? Ugh, i do. i do.

however, there were fireworks from the 35th floor at midnight. AND i got a new years kissy kiss. AND there was a chapel made of cheese. (with little egg&olive people). somehow that made everything okay. (do you think it's hollow? Or just one enorm-o block? do they cut the chapel up and use it for future cheese cubes or do they have to pitch it? ALL THESE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS ABOUT CHEESE CHAPELS!! don't you just want to take a little bite out of the steeple?)

catching up on emails in the AM. is it wrong that i thought "i will figure out my resolutions tomorrow?" HA.


Maria said...

I think the cheese is a big block, and after I saw the pic and went... a cheese cake? I thought...dang, I'd love to have a HUNK of that!

Driving long distances (more than an hour or two) with a child is exhausting on everyone. When we go, I spend my time entertaining The Boy while Kevin drives. I get home and crash! You're not alone! :)

melissa said...

bless your heart. that's right... i said it. : )

the good news is, nater boots looks ADORABLE in that pic of him sitting in karl's lap at the gas station. SO CUTE. jeezum crow.

happy new year, lady! holla holla.

Sarah said...

NYE is overrated, big time.

so glad we were able to see your little family. you guys were lovely and i love love love that little boy.

Jennifer said...

I want that cheese now!!!!

Nanna said...

Sooooo great to see you at the wedding and reception. I know Matt was thrilled to have you there. I had the same cheese questions. I did hear a rumor that one of the "egg people" was seeing the best man. I had never seen egg people before. It was a great evening and Matt and Natalie are blessed to have such great friends. PS Nate is even cuter in person than on the blog. I want to come to Little Rock to nater sit!!!

Meredith said...

That cheese church is how I picture heaven to look. Keeping my fingers crossed.